Senility Contest: Sanders vs McCain

Posted May 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They’ve become outright frauds in their old age, McCain is a Socialist masquerading as a ‘Maverick Republican’;  – while Sanders is an outright commie still pretending to be a ‘Progressive Democrat’.

For those who seek a Silver Bullet in “term limits” – these are their poster boys.

Of course our Founding Fathers gave us TERM LIMITS;  – they’re called ELECTIONS!

Trouble is,  that back in 1787 voters could be counted upon to be much better informed,  much smarter,  and to actually go and vote.  After all, if you were a slacker and didn’t show up to vote back then, – the whole town knew.

These days 40% of Americans aren’t even registered, – many are actually proud of it.

So Sanders was re-elected in 2012,  – will be in the Senate until at least Jan 2019 (age 77) – unless he croaks.

McCain was re-elected in 2016,  – will be in the Senate until at least Jan 2023 (age 86) – unless he croaks.

Sanders has a vendetta against the rich – hates “Millionaires and Billionaires”, and given the chance would super-tax them to make college free and give McDonald’s workers $15.oo per hour.

Mind you,  Bernie never ran a business in his life,  – and his wife Susan just bankrupted a small Vermont College….

Worse, he thought he could defeat the Hillary steam-roller with a campaign of millennials each donating $28.oo.  He’s very lucky she didn’t have him Arkancided! 

In the end he gave up and sold out for a new home in northern Vermont…

McCainwho lost the 2008 Presidential Election to a man without a Birth Certificate,  – has been sinking rapidly into senility ever since.


Today, John sees Russian Agents under Trump’s bed,  – and hiding under the Resolute Desk.

The Left Wing Media (Propaganda Ministry) eggs him on,  – because after all,  – he is a sitting US Senator…

Even his semi-senile quotes further their cause of weakening and destroying the Trump presidency.

At RRB we don’t believe in “term limits” for legislators.  We have them already,  – called ELECTIONS.

Our problem is to wake up an indifferent and lethargic electorate to USE THEM!

2 Responses to “Senility Contest: Sanders vs McCain”

  1. Hawk1776

    I do believe in term limits; four terms for Senators and twelve terms for Congressman. (I would change the term length for Congressman to four years and limit them to six terms).

    McCain is becoming increasingly erratic. He should have retired. Sanders is dumb as a stone to believe socialism is viable; it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried. What’s scary is that he has supporters, albeit not very many.

  2. Kojack

    I used to not believe in term limits until I understood how career politicians have become inclined to subverting the election process by tailoring legislation to favor special interest groups so as to get campaign contributions from them; whether or not it is beneficial to the country or it’s citizens.

    We could help drain the swamp by:

    1.) Minimizing re-election campaigning by limiting senators to 2 terms of 6 years and congressmen to 4 terms of 3 years.

    2.) Incentivize them to run for low or no pay. They SHOULD be running to serve not to get rich.

    3.) Eliminating all the perks and making them subject to all of the laws that they pass.

    4.) Lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists after they have reached their term limits.