Senators Sell Out Their Country: 68-32

Posted June 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Their sworn oaths mean nothing.  They’re in it for themselves – ego, money or both – at least 68 of them – including 14 so-called ‘Republicans’.
68 23 Sellout
List of traitors below the fold:

To get reluctant senators to vote for this bill they added so much PORK – you’d think it had been drafted in a sausage factory.  Simply as a piece of legislation – it’s a FARCE.
Face Voters Nov 2014
But by granting amnesty to all illegals here – and EVEN retro-active amnesty to violent criminals ALREADY DEPORTED – including DUIs, thieves, rapists and pedophiles, – it is an insult to law-abiding American Citizens.

Border fence? What ‘border fence’?

Their true concern

Alexander (TN) runs in 2014
Ayotte (NH)
Chiesa (NJ)      runs in 2014
Collins (ME)     runs in 2014
Corker (TN)
Flake (AZ)
Graham (SC)   runs in 2014
Hatch (UT)
Heller (NV)
Hoeven (ND)
Kirk (IL)
McCain (AZ)
Murkowski (AK)
Rubio (FL)




4 Responses to “Senators Sell Out Their Country: 68-32”

  1. Casey Chapman

    My name for these folks is: D.I.D. It stands for Democrat In Disguise.

  2. Sam Adams

    The sickening picture of McCain holding his crummt hand out to Schumer is indicative of the Republican Party establishment and it’s sickness for continually working in appeasment for the socialist Democrat agenda.
    Why didn’t he just blow him a kiss?

  3. Sam Adams

    Forcing myself to look at this picture one more time, I’m impressed with the notion that McCain is shaking hands with the devil, and liking it!

  4. John O'Mara

    What does the appointment of Jeff Chiesa tell us about Chris Christie?