Senator Ted Cruz In Andover, MA

Posted May 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

They came some 500-600 strong to see, hear, and touch Ted Cruz.  They weren’t disappointed!  Full speech below the fold!
Ted Cruz speech at the Barn

It has been a VERY LONG TIME since a REAL Republican,  – a Constitutional Conservative, – came and delivered a Republican speech in Massachusetts. The younger members in the audience had never heard one in their entire lives….

Hats off to State Senator Jim Lyons – who got Ted to come, and who hosted the event in his back yard…Well and very nicely done Jim!

Folks waited for TED CRUZ

As I said, folks waited quietly in line for over an hour….

And Ted managed to chat with almost everyone there, graciously posing for photos.

Ted Cruz listening in andover

I was struck by the man’s humble demeanor, – his lack of pretension, – and the sincerity of his message.

Ted Cruz listens to young voter

I saw none of the self-importance of a Hillary, an Al Gore, or Obama in 2008 and 2012. Ted is a proud first generation American – proud of his Cuban refugee father’s courage, – and deeply grateful for the opportunities his family has had in the USA.

He doesn’t look down on our history and our culture like Obama does.

And he clearly understands both the economic challenges facing us as we rebuild the damage that Obama caused, – and he understands the nature of the threats – internally and from abroad.

He will be a Commander-in-Chief our troops can once again look up to,  trust,  and be proud of.

His wife Heidi is a doll!   She’ll never embarrass us!

In case you were wondering, – conspicuous by their absence were all our fake Republicans:  Governor Baker, – his arm candy Karyn Polito,  the Mouseketeer,  Chocolate Pants and Momma Kangas.  My state committeeman was absent too.

Just as well, – they’d have all squirmed in the midst of 500+ genuine conservatives who cherish a Constitutional Scholar!

Ted Cruz 2016 Andover

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11 Responses to “Senator Ted Cruz In Andover, MA”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    A very impressive guy. Truly refreshing. Solid.
    Your observations are spot on….as usual.

  2. Muriel McGrann

    A most inspiring evening from ted Cruz’s presentation of the importance of the American way of life and the need to return the government to the people. Sprinkled with humor and and applause from 500 attendies that returned home filled with hope of a man that could turn this country around with jobs, flat taxation,state sponsered education,no Obama Care or Common Core, and return of respect and recognition of the Constitution.To restore the wisdom that is required to all foreign policies statements and actions that affect and effect this county.But most of all the belief this man has for a bright future of hope and faith provided by his pastor father who came from a life of oppression in Cuba. His father made a life here for his family….but There is no place for us to go to escape from the current problems this country faces today…except to turn things around…..

  3. Mike Wiley

    I am sure pleased that the good people of the Northeast share my view of Ted Cruz here, in Minnesota.

  4. Flick

    Why risk the repeal of Obamacare, free phones and the $15/hr. burger flipping job when I can make history by voting for Hillary?

    After all, isn’t it her turn?

    More takers than givers, I’m scared.

  5. Sam Adams

    There will never be another Ronald Reagan, but this man is a close second (which is why the Left and their pet RINOs are foaming at the mouth over him).

  6. Sgt b

    We need some one like Ted to straiten out all the damage caused by Obama and his cronies.

  7. William Clark

    All Ted needs to do is work out the fact that he is some how a natural born citizen of the US. admittedly born in Canada to a American mother and a Cuban father. Seems odd the Left doesn’t have a problem with that. For the courts to decide, I guess.


    Sure Willie,…just as soon as Obama produces HIS real birth certificate….

    Oh wait,…Loretta Fuddy destroyed it just before she drowned….

  8. Bobbi

    When the anointed one show the people his real
    birth certificate don’t get me going

  9. Walter Knight

    Senator Cruz has made the step from being a regional candidate to being national candidate, something that Governor Perry failed to do. He did it by not compromising on conservative stands. Congratulations. I’m hoping Governor Walker gets on the ticket, too.

  10. Gail Yost

    I have to work harder with a lot less …so that lady that said about the free cell phones etc…I pay for my cell phone, I pay for my medical, and for those making $15 an hour…hey I worked 16 years to get where I am, I’ve worked very hard and I want integrity in the White House so there goes Hillary Clinton

  11. kojack

    @Walter – I’ve been advocating for that ticket for months. It’s encouraging to know others are thinking the same thing. That ticket would combine more constitutional authority/integrity, political experience and executive experience than would be found on any other ticket. We should start voicing this to both of these outstanding candidates