Senator Susan Collins: 2-Faced Liar

Posted July 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

At RRB we’ve called Maine’s Senior Senator a retard for years,  – someone too dull to really understand the issues.  Listen to her bemoaning ObamaCare in the well of the Senate back in November 2013.

Then ask yourself, –
what changed by 2017 – to cause her to keep voting against repeal?  Did she have a change of heart – or a change of sponsors? 

Was she lying then,  – or is she lying NOW?

One thing is for sure – she sure just screwed those 421,211 Maine Republicans who re-elected her in November 2014.

Contact Susan – tell her what a 2-faced LIAR she is!

Augusta:         (207) 622-8414

Portland:         (207) 780-3575

Washington:   (202) 224-2523

Ask her how much Soros PAID her….

One Response to “Senator Susan Collins: 2-Faced Liar”

  1. Kojack

    If PRESIDENT TRUMP puts congress on OBYSMAL CARE by exec order, it will get replaced with a damn good plan quickly!