Senator Squaw’s Tribe On Warpath!

Posted July 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Her go off reservation,  – go to Big City, – drink’um Potomac Water,  – sit in Big Teepee with White Chiefs,  – get’um greedy for Wall Street Wampum.
Squaw Sell Out Tribe
Her speak with forked tongue – make’um bad treaty with Evil Queen….leave tribe with buffalo dung. Tribe heap mad.

4 Responses to “Senator Squaw’s Tribe On Warpath!”

  1. Sherox

    So what else is new?

  2. John

    Queen liar
    Princess liar

  3. William Clark

    Crazy Horses-Azz Chief of other tribe come from Big Island, say he have much wampum, but just beads and paper, hate people coming to new land, build big tee-pee to keep out settlers.

  4. Iron Mike

    Let me explain it to you Willie…..

    ….because we all know that political satire often goes over the heads of lifelong libturd dumbocrats…..

    Willie, – this posting was meant to MOCK Elizabeth Warren – aka “Senator Squaw” on several levels.

    We don’t think she’s got any Cherokee blood, even if she continues to cling to that lie, – so we mock her….

    She spent her entire adult life railing against powerful Wall Street investment banks and the politicians they funded – like Bill and Hillary,…so when she took their money for her own senate race,…we mocked her….

    She’s been a box-checking AA/EEO Fraud all her life, and now she’s a do-nothing senator – always on the wrong side of the issues,…but she loves the TV cameras and the limelight,…so we mock her

    First she thought she’d be Biden’s VP,…then Bernie’s VP,…and then the lesbian Hillary flirted with her. She’s just a politically ambitious wanna-be, without any credentials in her résumé,…so we mock her….

    Now faced with leading a tiny band of renegades off the reservation, – and likely meeting with a terribly unfortunate ‘accident’, – she like Bernie have bowed and kissed Her Majesty’s ring, – and become Hillary cheerleaders,…so we mock her

    And since you can’t seem to fathom the sheer irony of Pocahontas – the anti-Wall Street warrior becoming a cheerleader for the Speaking Queen of Wall Street,…we at RRB have to MOCK you too….

    Really Willie,…you’re so totally government-dependent,…do you pay your internet bill with your EBT card….? Yes Willie, we’re mocking you….