Senator Squaw To Hillary’s Rescue?

Posted March 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

To call Clinton’s campaigning skills rusty would be kind.”Atkins Liar v Liar
Nothing screams “Empty Stable!” quite like the front page of today’s Boston Herald – where their human Brillo Pad Kimberly Atkins admits that Hillary sucks, – and needs the Cherokee Squaw to run – and somehow make her a worthy candidate.

If you’re a lifelong Democrat this is a painful admission to see in print.

It says that between the (8) years of the lying and sexual perversions of the Clinton Administration and the six (6) years of the Obama Cartel destroying the fabric of our Nation,…that there isn’t a clean, patriotic, and competent presidential contender left in their stable.

Atkins never mentions Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden, or Governor MoonBeam.

She admits that Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb have been fearful of even mentioning ’email-gate’….even as she admits that email-gate, the foreign [Saudi] millions flowing into the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s stupid lament about leaving the White House “…dead broke…” have lifetime Democrats cringing…

A quick check of the DNC website confirms that everything is still centered around their Narcissist-in-Chief – Barack Hussein Obama. You have to click and scroll a bit to find the rest of their snakes, – Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and their Tasmanian Devil, – Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

DNC webpage

Debbie is the frothing vicious witch who oversaw the Democrat’s loss of their US Senate majority last November, – and with it Obama’s impeachment firewall.  Now he only has the Village Idiot for protection.

The Harold writer – Kimberly Atkins – is one of the Harold’s token left-wing writers – and often she writes utter babbling nonsense.

But this time she’s close to the truth: – Hillary does SUCK as a candidate, – she has a trail of dead bodies behind her, – and she has no new ideas and no platform of accomplishments to run on.

A primary campaign against Warren ~ might ~ excite the Party’s diehard MoonBat faithful, – – but many might then desert Hillary in favor of the less-blemished less-tainted Squaw.

RighObama Ot about now, many Democrats – led by Hillary herself – must be wishing that they hadn’t allowed Obama to brand their once-patriotic party with his 21st Century World Socialist O….

After all,James Foley beheaded what do most Americans now associate with the Democratic Party – other than high unemployment,  food stamps,  hordes of illegals,  the screw-up of ObamaCare,  our weakened military,  race-baiting, and Obama’s failures to stand up to Putin,  the Chinese,  and ISIS…?

Obama’s 200+ golf outings…?  Michelle’s vacations…?
Her school lunches…?

What difference does it make now…?

Democrat's Empty Stable

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  1. Paul Baldi

    Liberal birth control: hang photos of Granny Warren,
    Billary Clinton and Harry Reid in your bedroom.
    Guaranteed to kill any urge to reproduce.