Senator Squaw Bar-Hopping In Iowa

Posted January 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

No, we’re NOT making this up!   With the government in partial shutdown, – and the REAL Senators working over the weekend to find a compromise to fund our Border Wall,….Senator Squaw is out bar-hopping in Iowa  – looking for 2020 Caucus Votes….

So much for her promise to Massachusetts voters that she wasn’t running for President! Squaw always speak’um with forked tongue!

Couldn’t resist,…seems fitting….

A bottle for each lie she’s told….?

3 Responses to “Senator Squaw Bar-Hopping In Iowa”

  1. Mt Woman

    Two L’s describe Liz Warren, Liar and Loser. Unfortunately this is also what she brings to our State, deceit and loss

  2. Kojack

    Well, she’s a liar, a fraud and a communist but SHE’S ALL RIGHT WITH THE MASS-HOLES AND OTHER ASSHOLES WHO LIVE OUTSIDE MA.

  3. Panther 6

    Well the Squaw sure isn’t all right with this Floridian. She is a total waste and being a complete liar for personal gain should prompt the folks in MA to recall her and hold a special election. We citizens should not tolerate her ilk in our Congress.