Senator Sessions On Obama’s ‘Budget’

Posted February 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Obama has his 2012 ‘budget’ delivered to Congress Monday.  It was a head fake.  It cuts tiny amounts here and there, but continues massive federal spending.  It continues to borrow money so he can continue to hire federal workers.  Here Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions calmly explains what’s wrong with it.   I ~ wish ~ I could be as calm as Jeff.

The Continuing Resolution now funding the operation of the federal government runs out on March 4th.  A government ‘shut-down’ is a distinct possibility.  Obama will attempt to use that to claim more victimhood; ‘those mean Republicans’.  

I say “SHUT IT D-O-W-N-!”   Let’s see of Scott Brown will stand strong or do more of that ‘reaching across the aisle’.  Should be a feisty time on the Hill as the snow melts.  

   /s/  Iron Mike
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  1. F&B

    Obama wants to spends an additional 3 trillion dollars. Republicans want to cut 62 billion in just the 2011 fiscal year. The choice is clear!