Senator Rand Paul’s Desperate Hours

Posted May 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

He’s vowed to let the Patriot Act expire tonight,  and his cult-like followers are praying that he can make it happen.   So are the Muslim terrorists….
Patriot Act Deadline
Rand is perhaps America’s most high-profile Libertarian, – and there can be no doubt of the steadfastness of his convictions.  The issue before the Senate this afternoon – and before the entire Nation really,…is one of Individual Privacy as guaranteed in our 4th Amendment – vs – the needs of 21st Century national security trying to intercept and thwart fanatical and suicidal Muslim terrorism.

Senator Paul is an announced presidential candidate – running “as a Republican”.

But Republicans – while very wary of what mischief the NSA ~ might ~ be up to with their vast data-collection programs,  – are non-the-lest ever mindful of Bill Clinton’s failures to “connect the dots” in the years leading up to 9/11.

VERY FEW in the US Senate today want to be accused of contributing by omission to the next 9/11.

Thus Paul is a man standing alone – and conspicuous.

If Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cannot achieve some sort of compromise breakthrough in these final hours this afternoon, – the Act will expire.

It will be a very pyrrhic victory for Rand Paul.

Because, suddenly all Democrats will have a National Security Issue they can fling en masse against ALL REPUBLICANS. Suddenly they’ll be standing on the high ground and be accusing Republicans [particularly Conservative Republicans] – of being “weak on National Security and protecting the homeland”.

Can you ~ imagine ~ the 2016 campaign where suddenly Hillary Clinton,  Martin O’Malley,  Joe Biden, and MoonBeam Brown are portraying themselves as doing a better job of keeping America safe?

Hold your breath!  Rand Paul could really screw things up this afternoon.

The Muslims are counting on it!

9 Responses to “Senator Rand Paul’s Desperate Hours”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    In my opinion Rand Paul is a very dangerous and disruptive candidate. Not only his fight against the Patriot Act, but his attack against Ted Cruz will do nothing but help the Democrat candidate whoever that may be. In these very dangerous and tenuous times, the Patriot Act, utilized correctly, is necessary to thwart terrorists who are among us.

  2. Mark

    I agree it could become a big problem for the GOP. I do not believe the nsa are looking for terrorists. I believe the nsa are looking for dissent and keeping track of it. We have isis in every state and no arrests.

  3. Jim Gettens

    I’d call the so-called ‘Patriot Act’ an Orwellian, euphemistic, contradiction-in-terms whose Congressional authors, and two successive pResidential Administrations, knew subverted our 4th Amendment Rights. The secret FISA so-called ‘Court’ was a charade intended to ensure that the ongoing wholesale subversion was, indeed, kept secret. After all, Congress, intentionally, never authorized or funded a public legal counsel to appear before the FISA ‘Court’ to represent the public interest. General
    C[r]apper knew the program was anti-Constitutional–that’s why he lied about it in his Conressional committee testimony.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rightly blew the whistle on this massive anti-Constitutional scam. If not for Edward Snowden, that Court would never have obtained the facts necessary for its correct ruling.

    A couple of weeks ago an intelligence analyst, interviewed on the Fox News Channel, said that the NSA/FBI were scooping so much data that they couldn’t possibly connect the dots anyway. The massive illegal surveillance program was counter-productive.

  4. Walter Knight

    Rand Paul wants to distinguish himself from the pack as being more liberal than Jeb Bush, who threw his own brother under the bus for invading Iraq. He’s succeeded.

    Paul thinks fighting terrorists is a police problem, rather than a global war. He’s against using communications technology to track terrorists, and against killing terrorists with drones, especially if they hold dual citizenship (Muslims who are not really Americans). Fuck him.

    The world is a dangerous place. America needs to project power to keep the enemy from our shores, or from nuking us in our sleep. 911 will happen again, probably with a radioactive (dirty) bomb.

  5. beachdoc

    I agree 100% with what Walter Knight said, above. I don’t like O and company having access to so much info but the alternative is worse.

  6. Walter Knight

    And, Snowden was not a patriot or a conservative. At the same time he was critical of United States spying, he praised China and sought refuge in Russia. His ‘morality’ is selective, as is the case with many liberals and traitors. He should be shot, but using a drone would be a nice touch.

  7. Brad Wyatt

    Seems to me, that Senator Rand Paul believes in a strong defense, a strong defense of the Constitution AND a strong defense of our National Security. He just has a different path to National Security.

    Frankly, as a business owner – you can drown in customer data – much better to surgically target potential customers, or in this case, profile potential terrorists, get warrants, and track them.

  8. Hawk1776

    I think he’s a nut. There are plenty of other candidates from which to choose.

  9. kojack

    The Patriot Act did NOTHING to stop the Marathon Bombing or Fort Hood even though there were neon warning signs all over the Tsarnaevs and Major Nidal Hassan. In fact just recently it was admitted that NOT ONE attack was thwarted with intel garnered thru the Patriot Act. The recent abuses of power (i.e. IRS) prove that the founder’s fear of big gov’t was fully justified. While I don’t agree with some Rand Paul’s views/strategies in this instance he is right on.