Senator Rand Paul Pins Down A Freak

Posted February 25th, 2021 by Iron Mike

China Joe wants to hurt as many people as possible,  – so his pick to be Assistant Secretary of Health (replacing Admiral Ben Giroir) is Dr. Rachel Levine,  – and a deliberate slap in the face of American parents of confused kids.

As you’ll see by watching the video,  Levine isn’t just a transgender woman,  – ‘she’ has morphed into a demonic apostle for forcing transgender procedures on unsuspecting children.   ‘She’ wants to spread her personal misery….

If Doctor Levine ever really took the Hippocratic Oath,  – he / she may have forgotten the first part: “First do no harm”.

We should all be grateful that Senator Paul has the courage to take on this grotesque freak of a person – and to point out exactly how warped Doctor Levine’s thinking and professional actions are…

Please understand:  we’re not calling Doctor Levine’s transgender disorders grotesque.  We’re specifically calling his/her personal choices and her intentions to victimize young children and teenagers as grotesque – and evil. 

5 Responses to “Senator Rand Paul Pins Down A Freak”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    BULLCRAP “transgender medicine is complex” – ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION YOU JACKASS.


    There is a special place in hell reserved for those who destroy children’s lives.

    Adults can take irreversible actions with themselves. But NOT CHILDREN.

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    Levine is a sad freak of nature – something went wrong in his DNA; – maybe inbreeding, – maybe drug use by his parents or grandparents…

    The point is he has lived a tormented life – tried to live a normal life and couldn’t make it work – couldn’t fake it.

    FAR BEYOND the twisted parts of his anatomy – are the twisted parts of his brain – which seems to delight in his ability to torment and torture others.

    Levine adds a sick new meaning to the old cliché: “Misery loves company!”

    Levine is the kind of ‘doctor’ who would have enjoyed working with Josef Mengele….

    SS Doctor Josef Mengele

  2. FLICK

    Imagine having to listen daily to this freak scold us in PA while there were pics of ‘it’ at restaurants unmasked not yet at a table! Carrying Fauci’s tainted water while Emperor Wolf cowers in the background. Daily early covid reports from it were a curiosity while FOX gave Cuomo a bully pulpit.

    A dark time in my life, 1/70th that will never return.

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    Wolf won his first election in 2014 by 55%, his second term in 2018 by 58%. Would that be the inner-city vote, – the rigged voting machines, – or overall Pennsylvania stupidity?

    Dr. Levine with Governor Wolf

  3. FLICK

    Mike-it’s all about Philly, teachers unions and all the other inner city leaches sucking on the welfare tit. Travel the farmlands in PA and all you see is TRUMP PENCE 2020 signs. Earners once out-numbered the takers, now where I live in the Lehigh Valley we are the minority. 40 years ago the Democrap mayor offered a bounty to New York minorities to move here. There’s your answer.

  4. W Larry

    The true colors of the deluded left become clearer every day. The children that aren’t murdered by them in abortion are then raped and infected with the homo/tranny/deviance viruses of the mind.

    It is no mystery why leftist arts degrees produce only reprobate child rapists. Nor is it any longer a mystery why public education is riddled head to toe with reprobate teachers, they simple pursue teaching to enable their child rape and to infect the minds of these children with their Godless depravity.

    You see tolerance was the battle cry of the left in the early 1960s. Since then they pushed, pleaded for and then demanded tolerance of Godless viewpoints, sexual deviance and reprobate lifestyles from the normal majority for ONE REASON ONLY: To turn the mindset of the industrialized world against the God of Creation. The intent has been from the beginning to do away with God, His Word and their imminent Judgment by a Holy God.

    First they wanted tolerance, tolerance led to acceptance and now that they have the power of all media, all banking, all fake science, and all pseudo (liberal arts) academia they are turning the tables against all that is God and they want to force their fake “morality” upon the masses. This fake “morality” is the lie they have deluded themselves with and they have repeated this lie for 60 years relentlessly through all of the above. This “lie” of the left, their fake morality has condemned them all for eternity. Soon God will reinforce their own delusion in spades sealing their fates forever. The left’s battle cry for “tolerance” has always been a ruse to turn the tides of political power in their direction. They have independently created the dependent class and want open borders to continue to fill the ranks of this dependent class. If the electorate is fully dependent of their government to live then the SLAVERY of these dependents is solidified and ensured for years.

  5. Walter Knight

    Levine is symbolic of liberals’ struggle against reality.