Senator Joe McCarthy Was RIGHT!

Posted February 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

They mocked him,  made fun of him,  eventually the Senate censured him;…but he was right all along.

There were and still ARE – Commies and their fellow travelers in our government,  – some at the very highest levels – working against us.  Right Bernie Sanders?

One Response to “Senator Joe McCarthy Was RIGHT!”

  1. Ron Motta

    At least Brooklyn Bernie comes straight out as a commie. The others cloak themselves in the flag and then do what they can to burn it and all that MAKES America great!

    Back to McCarthy. The same logic was being used then as it is right now to cover up the nefarious connections with Marxism and anti-capitalist behavior. Right now they are doing what they have ben trained to do: OBFUSCATE!! Their new “Solomon” (Schiff) has both parents as lawyers, and he (Of course) is as well. He is plying his craft as dishonestly as possible and doing all he can to keep pushing the Russia narrative while never tying in the Clintons (huge fees/uranium,etc) and Obama (“Don’t worry….tell Vladimir that I can make things happen after the election”) to Russia. Geez…I wonder why??? As Artie Johnson used to say,….”Veddy interesting”!!!