Senator Dick Durbin Wants Your Vegetables

Posted August 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

There are days I think I’m living in a futuristic science fiction movie.  Illinois Senator Dick Durbin [14 years in the House, in the Senate since Jan ’97] and always a loose socialist cannon has filed SB 510 – to control – effectively outlaw – your vegetable patch and your chicken coop.

It’s all for your SAFETY mind you, the dangers of widespread Salmonella and E. coli spreading to the general population from your corn and strawberries worries him every day.  So his solution is to regulate [outlaw] your garden, and/or place it under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security.

Do you fish?  Ever share a fish with a neighbor?  Wanna do hard time? Durbin wants the WTO to control the sale of food. 

Durbin is a powerful guy these days, – he’s the Senate Majority Whip.  And he is one grinning sinister bastard.  If they can control your life through ObamaCare, they can control whether you eat or starve by controlling your food supply. 

Outlandish?  Think about it.  Why else would a government – any government – give a shit if you’re growing a few vegetables, raising a few chickens, or fishing off the jetty?  Only a government that believes the USA needs to be taken down a few pegs, and placed under international control – would think that way. 

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Oh shit!   That’s the government we got in 2008Oops!  How’s that “Change” working out for you now?

BTW, Durbin is also a sponsor of the DREAM Act – a plan to grant immediate amnesty and fast citizenship to the children of illegals – under the excuse that the kids couldn’t help being brought here – so let’s give ’em a free college education and citizenship. 

Hard reality Americans;  your friends, neighbors, and even some of your in-laws voted in 2008 to turn our Young Republic over to world socialists

Do you care enough to take it back?  November 2nd is just 78 days away.  Don’t blow it!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Senator Dick Durbin Wants Your Vegetables”

  1. B Howell

    OK, that’s it! I’ve had it up the xxxxxx. Dick Durbin is old enough to have gone to school when they still taught history. I remember my mother’s Victory Garden, during WW11. Maybe Dick is too young (born in 1944) but surely he read about all those Brits and Yanks with their little gardens.

    I intend to have a garden, in spite of him, grow some tomatoes, make little sandwiches and serve Tea Party tea with them.

    I remember my father, when he had the time, going out to shoot a pheasant, if no one else got there before him, so we could have ‘chicken’ for dinner.

    The only reason we have so much disease is because not everyone washes their hands often enough.

  2. ironmike

    And many of those not washing their hands in food processing plants and restaurants are illegal workers!

  3. kyledeb

    When did “Amnesty” become a bad word in a nation that supposed to be of Christian origin? I’m Catholic and one of the most important values I’ve learned through Jesus is the power of forgiveness.

    You make the DREAM Act sound like it’s an easy way to citizenship when it’s not. There are strict requirements, and migrants would not get a free college education aside from the ability to take out loans.

    Please, the immigration debate is divided enough without having to resort to hyperbole and falsehoods. No human being is illegal.

  4. ironmike

    Hello Kyledeb,

    Thanks for clicking in and for your comment. Does the government control food production down in Guatemalan?

    Are you in fact a US Citizen? Your web site says you’re from Guatemala and Harvard, and have given time and advice to la Raza. I have found that la Raza is un-American in their stated goals and actions.

    As for “No human being is illegal” – go cross the 38th Parallel into North Korea or go to Iran and see how you’re treated. If fact, just go to Guatemala and cross into Mexico. None of us can help where or how, or even when we’re born. We’re kind of stuck with it – our ‘lot in life’. Any attempts we make to improve our lot come with risks and consequences.

    So coming to the USA illegally has risks and consequences. Personally I’d like my country to remain a Judeo-Christian centered Republic – a representative democracy based on individual freedom and responsibility, the hard work ethic, and no free ride for anybody physically and mentally able to work.

    I don’t want to see either Aztec or Muslim culture imported, I don’t want to see Mexican flags, and I don’t want to press 1 for English. I want my borders and ports defended. If folks want to come here to visit or work, they can get in line at an embassy and fill out forms.

    So how many illegals have moved into your house? Were they invited, or did they just move in? Amnesty became a bad word when there were more that 13,000,000 unwanted house guests demanding it, and the Democrat [socialist] party saw them as easy guaranteed votes. I’ll be damned if I’ll sit back and watch my country overrun and turned into the next Mexico or Guatemala or Lebanon.