Senator Bob Menendez: Like A Mafia Don

Posted October 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Bob Menendez walked past supporters like a rock star,  – or a Mafia Don,  – shaking hands, nodding, hugging…acting all the world as if he was expecting the Judge to dismiss the corruption charges against him.

That didn’t happen.  A JURY will hear the evidence and render a verdict.

If you ~ think ~ those supporters were there out of LOVE for their US Senator – you don’t understand New Jersey.

They were ordered their by their union bosses – because certain union work in the state depends on continued FEDERAL $$$$.  Menendez has always delivered;  – his replacement would be an unknown factor.  So the bosses stage a LOVE FEST for the benefit of the cameras and the Judge.

WHO do you ~ think ~ ordered the fencing emplaced….?

Judge William H. Walls is old school.  At 85, he’s been on the bench since the 70s, appointed to the Federal Bench by Bill Clinton.   He went to Dartmouth and Yale Law School, – and at his age can remember when New Jersey crooks weren’t quite so brazen.

Recognize that bearded fellow behind Obama?   Jon Corzine – former US Senator from NJ,  – then Governor of NJ.

Back in the 90s he’d been CEO of Goldman Sachs,  and after he was Governor – was CEO of MF Global – which in 2011 filed Chapter 11.

At the time they had PAPER valued at $42 BILLION – but real assets at only $1.4 Billion. Guess who got SCREWED!   Why is Corzine a free man…?

One Response to “Senator Bob Menendez: Like A Mafia Don”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Let’s hope Menendez gets his justice quickly so Christie can appoint a Republican replacement. Then Trump can tell the likes of McCain and Collins and Paul thanks for their help but he won’t need them after all….