Senator Bennet Puckers For The Kiss Of Death

Posted February 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Mikey & Idiot

It would be tough to find a more “perfectly liberal senator” than Michael F Bennet (D)CO.   A Yale schooled lawyer who’s daddy worked at NPR and USAID for Jimmy Carter and who’s granddaddy worked for FDR,  Mikey was an early fan and eager supporter of Obama, – and with his background in education, was a potential candidate for SecED.   Sorry Mikey,  one of Obama’s Chicago goons got that job.

But when Obama finally got Senator Ken Salazar cleared to be SecInterior,  there was suddenly an open senate seat.  Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom – POOF – Senator Michael Bennet – “at your service Mister President!”  

Oh,  and he really really was . . . fully supporting every inch of ObamaCare,  sponsoring the DREAM Act (S 729) to make things much easier for illegals to attend American Schools, . . . learning the ropes of BIG $$ from the master – Chris Dodd, Chair of the Banking Committee [you know, Fannie, Freddie, “Countrywide is on your side”].  Mikey even pushed an alternative energy bill to sponsor solar manufacturing…Gawd, that just sounds so green!

Leading 51% - 37%

But Mikey has to run for reelection on November 2nd,  and he trailing former LtGov Jane E. Norton 51% / 37% in the polls – even before her campaign is up and running.   Do you ~ think ~ TEA Party anger might be a factor?  So tonight at the Fillmore and later at the Sheraton – Mikey will dance the tango with Obama, and risk that same “Kiss of Death” the MEssiah planted on other hapless Dems recently in Virginia, NJ, and Massachusetts

But even as the sun sets over the Rockies,  Obama will fly on to Las Vegas where Mayor Oscar Goodman won’t even come and chat with him because of several disparaging remarks Obama has made about Vegas.  So Obama will try to raise a little campaign money for Dirty Harry Reid – who is almost certainly serving out his last days as the Socialist Senator Crook from Nevada.   One long trip for AF One,  two liberal senators in deep doo-doo,  – aren’t you just tickled to be paying for this fundraising trip?   Tax day soon.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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