Senator Ben Sasse Rebuked – 400 : 8

Posted May 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The junior senator and staunch constitutional conservative has been a leader of the #NeverTrump movement;  but the folks back home who put him in the US Senate are not amused….
Ben Sasse
At the Nebraska Republican Convention in Omaha,  the folks just voted 400 to 8 to rebuke Sasse,  and to rally the folks behind Trump.  THEY understand the dangers of a Hillary victory!

Sasse had been highly public in his opposition to Trump,  deeming him a false conservative and somehow hostile or rude toward women. 

Sasse never trump

In other words,  – upon arriving in Washington a year ago,  he drank the Potomac Water – and got a big head.

We saw that happen a few years ago with Scott Brown from Massachusetts….

So Sasse was part of a movement looking for a third party candidate who would be so immediately popular that he’d obscure Trump….

We at RRB have a better suggestion for you Ben.

We know you yearn for a strong Constitutionalist, – we all do.

We know Trump falls short, but he’s already proven to be a fast study.

Woman CardAND, you also know that Hillary will ignore our Constitution just as much as Obama has….and will play the Vagina Card every time she is challenged – saying that “…no women were involved in writing it…”.


So let’s get Trump elected,…and slowly turn him into a Constitutionalist!

Remember Ben, that in 2008 and again in 2012 way too many of you evangelicals and constitutionalists decided that McCain, and then Romney, weren’t “PURE” enough – and you stayed home on election day.

OK, – so you were right about them being soft on the Constitution,….

.but DAMNIT, – look at the damage 8 years of Obama has brought upon our Young Republic,…and upon the entire WORLD!

Sasse facing rebuke

At least Trump won’t start 2017 with a world apology tour

7 Responses to “Senator Ben Sasse Rebuked – 400 : 8”

  1. Massachusetts Gun Rights

    Is he feeling the Bern?

  2. WJ

    The guy, just like Jeff Flake of Arizona, looks dumb. He another disappointment the GOP has given us.

  3. Mt Woman

    So let me get this straight, I heard on the news this morning that the “never trump” crowd is searching to find 2 Republican candidates to run on a “never trump” presidential ticket to take away all potential for Donald Trump and the GOP to win in November. This assures a Hillary presidency.

    Will this make Senator Ben Sasse and his ilk happy?

    I said it once and I will say it again, all 17 of the GOP contenders were better than the alternate on the Dem side. Donald Trump was one of the 17–that fact that he prevailed gives me the comfort in knowing that the peoples’ voices are being heard over the voices of the establishment GOP–where have they lead us?

  4. Panther 6

    The good Senator and those of his ilk had better wake up – their future is in doubt in their home states and they may all be out the door at the next election. Folks are mad, pissed and aren’t going to forget.

  5. Walter Knight

    Some Republicans support the GOP only until election day, when they get fickle and turn into grumpy one-issue voters. We need more. Liberals would love for a well known 3rd party conservative to run.

  6. Hawk1776

    A third party candidate will guarantee a Hillary win in November. How does “President Hillary Clinton” sound? I thought so. Vote for Trump.

  7. Jim

    I am so afraid for our country. A Dem victory would be damning to our republic, and our freedom. We cannot visit this pestilence on our children and grandchildren. No good can come of this.