Posted June 28th, 2013 by Jim Ettwein
  • If Representatives and Senators are elected to represent the voters, and voters must be citizens, then why are our elected officials so focused on voting against the citizens, in favor of those who aren’t?
  • Doesn’t this take money away from those citizens who are relying on society to help them, and give it to those who aren’t contributing to that society?
  • How did we let things get so backwards?  I’m afraid to witness what will happen to my country over the next 3 years.  I don’t know if we can get it back.
  • Bringing in 20 million (no one really believes that it’s only 11 million) and giving them stuff will only prolong this downward spiral more and more.  Maybe even make it irrecoverable.

Watching our own Republicans in Congress sell us out was one of the most painful things to witness this week.  I am very ashamed of the entire Congress.

God help us.  Please.god

3 Responses to “Sellout?”

  1. Jay Dwyer

    With absolutely NO apologies to Al Gore ” The Country has a Fever !”….It’s called Potomac Fever…Here are the symptoms:

    * You forget who your boss is
    * You forget what you promised to do when you got there
    * You will do, say and promise ANYTHING to stay there

    Trajically there is no known cure for the afflicted.
    There IS, however, one way to protect those affected by the afflicted to protect themselves: VOTE’m ALL OUT !

    Jay Dwyer
    Terrorist, Hostage Taker, Barbarian, SOB and proud Infidel
    (the first 4 adjectives provided by The Regime…the last by Christian hating people at war with the American Way….Same Beach, Different Sand Dune )

  2. Tom

    If this bill is passed by the house, which will require serious defections from the GOP, it is time to bury the Republicans along with the Whigs and Federalists. How about a Constitutional Conservative Party? I am really fed up with everyone in DC from the top down

  3. Casey Chapman

    I, along with other posters on this blog, think it is time for a new party to replace the “republican” party, which has morphed into Democrat-Lite. I’m not too sure what it would take to found such a party, or how long it would take to get it recognized.