Sellout RiNOs Betray American Voters

Posted July 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The so-called “Skinny Repeal” failed – at 2 AM this morning as FAKE Republicans McCain, Collins, and Murkowski voted with Chuck Schumer’s Progressive Socialist Party.
Their bottom line seems to be that they really believe in government-provided health care,  – more than they believe in honoring their promises to their constituents.  Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama are gleeful.  Trump was more realistic.

There is a school of thought that says all these false starts and failed votes are just political theater – leading to an eventual compromise on a true repeal & replace bill.

But to this aging Republican – it’s looking more and more like McCain is just bitter and vengeful, Collins is simply simple-minded,  and Murkowski remains thoroughly corrupt, – and looking to retire in great comfort.

The moral for Americans is that for over 40 years progressives (aka socialists) disguised as unionized public school teachers have been preaching:

“In a country this wealthy,…why should anybody go hungry
– or without healthcare – – or a comfortable retirement?”

It worked.  Two full generations of American voters believed the propaganda slogans – never questioning the basic math or understanding the basic economics.

Today younger voters – those under 40 years old,  – cannot explain the differences between a democracy and a republic – or between socialism and communism.  The brainwashing worked like a charm.

Thus today the political elites (cadres) of the Progressive Party are in a position to control the destiny of your country – and your grandchildren,  – sending the United States down the same slippery chute that took France, England, Argentina and Venezuela.

In 40 years nobody will remember the tough young republic that defeated three fascist regimes and won the Cold War against international communism.

Go ahead:   ask a young person – someone under 30, – where Iwo Jima is,  – why it was considered strategically important, – and if it proved worth the sacrifice.   Brace for blank stares.

6 Responses to “Sellout RiNOs Betray American Voters”

  1. Brad Wyatt

    Didn’t Trump campaign for McCain? Should have helped take him out!

  2. Kojack

    I think this is going to back-fire big time on the RE-GRESSIVES. The UN-AFFORDABLE CARE ACTis in the process of imploding as it was designed to do. When Hillary Rotten lost the election it screwed up their plans to replace OBYSMAL CARE WITH SINGLE-PAYER. I think their strategy now is that after the ACA fails there will be a growing chorus from their constituents demanding they do what the HILDEBEAST was going to do.

    IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT TRUMP REMIND THE ELECTORATE WHICH PARTY FOISTED THIS DISASTER ON US AND WHICH RiNO’s PREVENTED A CLEAN REPEAL clearing the way for a proper solution. The conservative talking heads can help with this.

    The free-market conservatives in the GOP need to PREVENT A HALF-ASS SOLUTION WITH TRUMP’S NAME ON IT FROM BEING PASSED.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    It’s tine to recruit and heavily support quality candidates to primary these RINOs…. ALL the RINOs, not just these three.

  4. Hawk1776

    Due to his military service, and particularly his six years of imprisonment by the North Vietnamese, I have long felt we are indebted to John McCain. I think that debt has been paid in full and it’s time for him to go. I hope all three Senators can be replaced with Republicans, although I can’t see where the Democrats controlling the Senate could be any worse than the current group of Republicans.


    Unless he retires or dies – McCain is in through 2022….

  5. Sherox

    It’s time to revolt against these traitors.


    Just my two cents…. (1) If you want a good healthcare bill for all, take the Senators and Congressmen off of their current healthcare program, and make them part of the new one that they will put in place as a bill for the President to sign. If it’s good enough for their constituents then it should be good enough for them. Just imagine what would it be like if the politicians had done THIS with OBAMCARE.

    (2) Those Republican’s that are really Democrats don’t work for their constituents, not after their elected. They work for the lobbyists who really pay them.