Sellout George Peterson Explains

Posted August 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

This two-faced fake Republican explains why he voted to squash your rights.  George N. Peterson, Jr. of Grafton knows the damned bill won’t stop so-called ‘gun violence‘.

He just wants ‘better data’? DATA? Backstabber George sold out his party and the Citizens of this Commonwealth. [He’s probably been promised a cushy job when his current term is up in January – maybe a judgeship or a seat on a commission…] George, the mark of Judas is upon you!

George N Peterson Jr of Grafton

4 Responses to “Sellout George Peterson Explains”

  1. Mark

    My favorite guy, a RINO. WTF???

  2. bud laureyns

    what makes good people go bad. whats in this for George? he spent most of his life doing gun owners gun owners prod . i am disappointed as i knew George personalty. we both worked for Lew Horton a gun shop and distributor.Having been a stalwart for years GEORGE MYSTIFIES ME NOW AGAIN I ASK WHATS IN T FOR HIM

  3. Casey Chapman

    He either got a heck of a bribe, or they found something on him to blackmail him with.

  4. Jim Gettens

    ‘Republican’ Minority ‘Leader’ Brad “The RINO Toad” Jones probably arranged with Dem Speakah “The Unindicted Co-Conspirator” DeLeo a nice, cushy, no-show State job for Co-opted and Cooperating George following his retirement from the House in January.