Self-Exam For Massachusetts Democrats

Posted January 22nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Sometimes You Need To Think For Yourself!

Hello Massachusetts Democrats! 

Folks, have you been feeling a twinge of discomfort lately?  Are you worried that the politics you learned at the family dinner table back when you were growing up may ~ just maybe ~ not fit today’s political environment?  When you voted on Tuesday, were you emotionally torn between the vote you cast and the vote you wanted to cast?  Well, as it turns out – you’re not alone!  Try our little self-exam. 

 (Y) (N)  Have you wondered lately if there has ever been a more inept and bumbling governor than Deval Patrick?

 (Y) (N)  Did you secretly know that Camelot was dead years ago,  and were you quietly relieved when Ted finally passed away?

 (Y) (N)  When you voted did you feel that Scott Brown is a much nicer person than Martha Coakley? 

 (Y) (N)  Did knowing that she’d taken big donations from medical and insurance lobbyists give you pangs of doubt or disgust? 

 (Y) (N)  Were you uncomfortable with Obama’s endorsement of her Sunday at Northeastern University, since he’d just met her?   (Y) (N)  Did you feel his attacks on Scott’s pickup truck were an attempt to deflect attention from Coakley’s flaws.   (Y) (N)  Or that it was just his way of being clever?   (Y) (N)  Did it hurt Coakley or was she already losing?

 (Y) (N)  Have you been wondering lately just how much Obama wants to change our government into something the Founders never intended?  

  (Y) (N)  Does the role of George Soros behind the scenes worry you?

 (Y) (N)  Were you at all uneasy with Obama’s world apology tour? 

 (Y) (N)  Do you suspect that neither  Obama or Patrick have a clue how to handle our 10.4% unemployment?

 (Y) (N)  Do you suspect that Obama is on a very slow learning curve when it comes to terrorism?   (Y) (N)  Are you worried that the underwear bomber was allowed to lawyer up?

 (Y) (N)  Do you think there are more terrorists in training right now to kill us, and that sooner or later they will come and try?   (Y) (N)  If we catch them in the act, should they get criminal trials with ACLU lawyers?    (Y) (N) Or military tribunals as provided for in the Hague-Geneva Conventions? 

 (Y) (N)  Are you just a tad frosted that Obama and Eric Holder are bring the worst terrorists to NYC for civilian trail? 

 (Y) (N)  Do you suspect that neither Obama, nor Janet Napolitano, nor Deval Patrick really want to stop illegal immigration?

 (Y) (N)  Has state and local government gotten way bigger and more cumbersome than back when you were growing up?

 (Y) (N)  Are your kids learning a lot of slanted American History,  and a lot of “man-made global warming” pseudo-science in school?     (Y) (N)  Have counselors and teachers told you not to worry about their grades?

 (Y) (N)  Have you had your fill of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?

 (Y) (N)  Has the novelty of Barney Frank being gay worn off, and do you think he really is responsible for the sub-prime meltdown?   (Y) (N)  Do you suspect that he should be in prison along with Chris Dodd and John Murtha?

 (Y) (N)  Are you concerned with the $1.2 Trillion ObamaCare bill and those two huge [$300 million and $100 million] bribes it took to get it passed in the Senate?

 (Y) (N)  Are you starting to doubt Al Gore’s version of man-made global warming?

Feel free to print out this test and share with your family members and good friends.  Really, it’s OK to break free of a party that has changed so much over the past forty years.  You’re not leaving them, – they left you!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Self-Exam For Massachusetts Democrats”

  1. Rabid Republican

    N – I’m sure
    Y – not that he died… but that he’s out of office
    6 x Y
    Y – but, not just lately
    6 x Y
    10 x Y


    Ok, I’m not a Democrat… but my answers could serve as a guide to Ds who are really on the fence. 🙂