SEIU Thuggery And MoonBats On Parade

Posted August 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

You haven’t heard much about the contentious California governor’s race – between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown?  Could it be because the liberal MSM doesn’t want to show you the tactics being employed?  Watch the videos – and get a flavor of political life and thinking on the Left Coast.  Remember that California is TOTALLY broke [$40 Billion budget gap] and overrun with illegal immigrants, bloated government unions, overstuffed prisons [50% illegals], and a badly under-funded state pension system. 


So a LOT of people in California depend on their government check.  It has almost reached the level Obama is striving for nationwide.  State employees, state retirees, immigrants, students, teachers, police, fire, highway, the list gets longer and longer with every Democrat elected to office.


Jerry Brown was the first “Hippy Governor”  – 1975 – 83.  He’s spent much of his life trying to find himself – first studying to be a priest,  later traveling the world and studying Buddhism, dating Linda Ronstadt, and a failed run for the US Senate.  Unions love this guy, they know they’re safe with him.  The pro-drug and pro-amnesty crowds love him too.  Jerry is their guru!

By contrast, Meg Whitman actually turned an idea into something of value – the internet auction company eBay.  She’s spending a lot of her own money – maybe $100 million – on her run for Governor.  But to union goons and moonbats, spending your own money is anti-social behavior.  Watch the idiotic comments in this second video.


Did you catch the idea that there still plenty of rich people and rich corporations that can and should be taxed so that “working people” can have a good living? 

This is the essence of having drunk the Kool-Aid.  This is the sinister poison of socialism – the essence of class warfare.  It is probably being taught in your school system to your kids [or grandkids] right now – by union teachers who enjoy a fat paycheck and expect a fat retirement.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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