Second Judge Smacks Down Robert Mueller

Posted May 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Over-zealous and tunnel-visioned,  Mueller over-reached,  – and two clever DC area lawyers – real ones – may be pulling him into Putin’s trap.

And with a new judge in town, – suddenly Mueller is in a bit of a jam.

Yes,  – it’s complicated…..

Remember back in November 2016 – the SHOCK Democraps were in when Hillary lost….(lost a rigged election)…they blamed “Russian interference and collusion”

17 months later they’re still blaming everything and everybody except their own frail career criminal candidate….and will likely go to their graves believing it….

But former FBI Director (and Clinton cover-up artist) Robert Mueller was hired as Special Counsel to look into the matter, – to find out if there were Russian agents hiding under Trump’s bed…and PROVE that they sabotaged the ‘rightful queen’ – Hillary Clinton….

.and after many months, Mueller charged 3 Russian companies and 13 individual Russians with ‘interfering’ with the American election.  It was utter bullshit – those 13 Russians weren’t about to fly into NYC or DC and surrender.

Mueller knew it was bullshit – knew the Russians weren’t going to surrender to the FBI, – it was just for show.

The Democrats could now say: “See, we TOLD you…”.

Even Mueller knew 13 no-show Russians weren’t enough evidence to impeach Trump,…so he stalled and kept looking – anywhere and everywhere….

AND,  he wanted to wait for October to spring any evidence he really has, – to influence the Mid-Term Elections.

BUT,…Vladimir Putin just may be a better lawyer than Mueller.  He hired the DC firm of ReedSmith to defend Concord Consulting,  – and thus FORCE Mueller to reveal his evidence….

By some chance Attorney Eric Dubelier is also the lawyer defending Susan Breitbart,  so we can be reasonably assured his heart is in the right place.

And probably by sheer chance the case lands in the courtroom of Trump-appointed Judge Dabney Langhorn Freidrich,  – who used to be a judge on the Sentencing Commission,  – and who once worked for GW Bush…. 

She’s a tennis player – she hates delays….

She found no cause to support Mueller’s request for a delay in the arraignment,  – it’s still scheduled for Wednesday.  Mueller will have to put up – or SHUT UP.


Judge Friedrich was approved by a senate vote in November 2017 – 97 to 3, with only Gillibrand, Sanders and the Squaw opposed.

The ReedSmith team wants the Government (Mueller) to clearly define all the deliberately vague terms in the indictment – such as “improper foreign influence”, “significant funds” and “disparaging Hillary Clinton”.

(Jeez – how could anybody disparage that sleazy crooked bitch…?)

Dubelier and Seikaly are also demanding the Government turn over all information about EVERY foreign election the US has ever attempted to interfere with.  Yeah,  the Democrats in their post-election panic may have opened a real can of worms!

Now the talking heads and “legal experts” on the Propaganda Ministry networks will have a real court case to focus on and pick apart.

Poor Stormy will have to undo her buttons and pop ’em out to get any media attention…


UPDATE:  Wed 9 May 2018  Attorneys Seikaly and Dubelier enter Not Guilty pleas on behalf of the Russians in the courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey – next hearing May 16th before Judge Friedrich.

3 Responses to “Second Judge Smacks Down Robert Mueller”

  1. Kojack

    Another interesting development is that Devin Nunez is considering charging AG Jeff Sessions with contempt of congress for ignoring their request for relevant documents.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Judges ENFORCING THE LAW – – – not MAKING IT UP??

    I’m shocked —- SHOCKED.

    No, wait …. I’m NOT SHOCKED.


    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  3. Panther 6

    Agree with Len. Perhaps the legal system is about to bite Mueller and his minions. Weds is almost here. Let’s wait and see.