SecDEF Bob Gates Bashes Obama Cartel

Posted January 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

NOW?  At least four years too late Bob?   You’re finally opening your mouth, er – writing a book [for profit] about the corrupt and incompetent masters you willingly aided and abetted?
Gates and Obama Cartel

Robert Michael Gates
– former DirCIA, former SecDEF, – a man with years of faithful service to Reagan, Bush, Bush, and lastly Obama – has just published a new book.  He has blunt things to say about the key Cartel players….now…in 2014?    Gee, thanks a lot Bob

If things were as bad as you say;  if the players were as corrupt and conniving as you portray, – why in HELL did you stay?
Robert Gates going through the motions

You could have held a news conference in 2009, or 2010 – certainly during the election year 2012 – and told the American People what was really going on.

DUTY Gates failedBut you stayed,…and being a known Republican, – you lent great credibility to the Cartel.  Now you want people to know?  By buying your book?  

Take your thirty pieces of silver, – and go away!  You had a chance to be a great patriot – an American hero.  You chose instead to be Robert McNamara, all over again.

SCREW your book!   I won’t buy it!

I may scan it briefly in a bookstore – then place it back in the Fiction section.  I sure won’t put any money in your pocket!

ANYthing you have to say now comes years too late.  How ironic that the same week you book comes out – al Qaeda retakes Fallujah – where so much American blood was spilled.  YOU were a big part of this foreign policy and national defense FAILURE!

Future leaders should study two (2) far more important books – which clearly neither you nor McNamara bothered to read….

Carl von Clausewitz – On War,
and Sun Tzu – The Art of War; – both conveniently translated into English for your easy reading.

 two books

Or, you could have read my favorite author – Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr.On Strategy – which explains how we wasted 58,286 killed and 153,303 wounded fighting a war we could have easily won in about 6 weeks. Col Summers book

Colonel Summers is the reason we were able to come to grips with reality – and why we were able to win Desert Storm so quickly.  If only Colin Powell hadn’t chickened out and convinced GHWB to stop instead of going to Baghdad….

But now you have a book out?  I guess we’ll be seeing you on the Sunday talk shows

Will you admit to being cowardly, selfish, and wrong?  It took McNamara over 20 years to tell the American People and our troops about his blunders and failed leadership.
McNamara and Gates both failed us

McNamara’s sin was thinking that war can be ‘managed’ – like the auto industry he came from.   Your sin was thinking war can be ‘contained‘, – particularly egregious when we’re fighting an idea and a culture, not a nation-state.

How long will it take you Bob?

5 Responses to “SecDEF Bob Gates Bashes Obama Cartel”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What is the matter with these people? Where are the four and five stars that should be resigning in protest for this horrendous war and ROE in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Where have they gone? Have they been so corrupted by politics and the PC mantra that they are more concerned with their own self worth that they have all lost their courage and the oath they are sworn to uphold? Our military is a far cry from what we expect it to be at the general officer level.

    Four stars is as high as they go – since WWII….

  2. Walter Knight

    You give McNamara too much credit by inferring he was merely incompetent. McNamara was a traitor, who wanted us to lose.

  3. Kojack

    The ONLY qualifications for ANY job in this self-serving, anti-constitutional, CRIMINAL administration are being a marxist and a race baiter.

    I’m sure many more books will be coming out in the next few years when the COWARDS who work for Obysmal have nothing left to gain except by writing exposes.

    I’ve always wanted to learn more of what went wrong in Vietnam besides the obvious so I’m definietly going to give “On Strategy” a read, thank you.

  4. Hawk1776

    I’ve never been a fan of these “kiss and tell” books. I agree that if the Obama administration was as bad as he says (and who doubts that?) the honorable thing would have been to resign and cite the reasons for his resignation.

  5. Blossom

    Maybe Bob Gates’ book will do some good for us in the 2014 election. Let’s hope that the fools that voted for the criminals that have infiltrated our White House are seeing the very real dangers that we face as a nation. If this book gets to the “low information voter” that would be a good thing.
    We need to look to the November election and do all that we can to win the Senate. Unless Republicans can get our side of the story out, the lies will win. More important the whole country will lose. Let’s fight for our country!