SecDEF Ash Carter: Emerging Underachiever!

Posted January 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

That’s my ‘nice way’ – of saying he’s proving himself an inept but fully flaming ASSHOLE!   America,  we are NOT SAFE with this Obama Toady in charge of our military.
Ash Carter at FOB Fenty

OK,  you’re asking – what did he do now? 

He made a pre-Christmas trip to Afghanistan – to ‘check on the situation on the ground’,  – and conducted himself like a perfect asshole.

Ash Carter Obama Toady

Forward Operating Base Fenty is way up there in Indian Country on the outskirts of Jalalabad. It’s been attacked in the past, – and will be again.  Troops there carry their weapons with them – always…

Road to Jalalabad

Until SecDEF Ash Carter arrives – with his wife,…and acts like Obama – fearful of an assassination?

Suddenly troops are not allowed to carry ammo or magazines with them – must leave them in their tents.  Certain streets and sidewalks are OFF LIMITS,  – and that includes the gym and the only mess hall.  The troops wouldn’t eat that Friday – the SecDEF was holding ‘private conversations’ in their mess hall.

The two Apache gunships tasked with providing top cover – were told to stay 5 miles away – so their noise wouldn’t bother His Highness.   Waste of fuel and engine hours,  – because from 5 miles away the pilots were unable to see any potential attackers sneaking up….

Then,  to make matters worse – MUCH WORSE,  – the Stars and Stripes asshole accompanying Carter wrote a puff piece – and in doing so revealed the number of troops on the base….

Stars and Strioes Obsec

…because every little bit of intel helps ISIS and the Taliban….?

These people are so incompetent that becoming ‘inept’ would be a major improvement.

Carter you flaming PUSSY – – if you don’t trust your own troops to keep you safe – just WHO do you trust?

3 Responses to “SecDEF Ash Carter: Emerging Underachiever!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Predictable–he never served and ZERO THE ZIPPERHEAD plucked him out of MIT on the Left Bank of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, which is occupied and held hostage by Left Wing Moonbats…

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Ash hole Carter bringing his wife to a forward operating base, how stupid can one person be? He must be truly loved and respected by the troops and their commanders? Where does Obama find these incompetents, because he seems to have an inexhaustible supply. My recurring question is, when will the coup occur, to arrest this treasonous bunch of idiots?

  3. panther6

    Ashcan Carter is proving to be another minion who serves his master not the folks he is supposed to be taking care of. Another total waste.