Seattle Police Finally Dismantle “CHOP”

Posted July 1st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Three videos below the fold. 
You’ll enjoy Seattle’s Smurf Police Chief Carmen Best trying to put a leadership face on this ugly chapter in the City’s History.

You may notice a lot of obviously unbalanced people – maybe some of them also on various ‘pharmaceuticals’…

This domestic insurrection should NEVER have been allowed to last more than a single night.  Mayor Jenny Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee share enormous blame for lost of life and loss of property and income.

This will go on in the courts for 10 years – with Washington and Seattle taxpayers picking up the legal tab and Jury Awards for these incompetent and cowardly Democrats.

This was a George Soros experiment,  – a training mission for new recruits.  It served as a recruiting poster – and will have attracted more unhappy young people to both BLM and AntiFA.

They will attempt to occupy other cities,  – just as in 2011 the Occupy Wall Street ‘movement’ spread to other cities.

The media LOVES these stories.   They sell ink and advertising.

AntiFA and BLM will be better organized next time,  and probably better armed.  They may take hostages.


If you work or live in a major US city,  – or a state capital,  – you need to have a plan to deal with an unannounced insurrection.

You just watched a major city police force hamstrung for WEEKS by cowardly or complicit left-wing city leadership.   Seattle is hardly the only US city with a shit-for-brains mayor and an AA/EEO smurf police chief.

It’s your fault!   YOU elected these turds.  You better have a plan if AntiFA and/or BLM come swooping down on your comfortable life.   Are you armed?

And yes,  they will come to your nice residential neighborhood.  Just ask Mayor Durkan about that!

By delaying the take-down of CHAZ/CHOP for 3 weeks,  – what do you think the added cost will total for Seattle’s taxpayers?

2 Responses to “Seattle Police Finally Dismantle “CHOP””

  1. Walter Knight

    Liberals think tearing down America is a game until the thugs are at their gates threatening them. Then they want the police to save them.

  2. Jim Buba

    Would have gone better, faster had they shut off the power and water on Day One.