Seattle Dies; Sidewalk Toilets Overflow

Posted May 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Liberal Seattle is home to some 725,000 people with a $12.oo minimum wage.  But some 12,000 of those folks have no wages,  and are homeless, – and are mostly drug addicted.

It has taken just two decades of arrogant liberalism to ruin what was one the cleanest and most beautiful city I’d ever visited.  CAUTION: video contains graphic scenes:

For the good people of Seattle,  it may have seemed like a kind of gentle charity in the beginning,  – not to arrest people for their vile public acts and their drug addiction.

Now there are almost too many to arrest,  because more keep coming.

Seattle’s last two mayors are a key part of the problem:  Ed Murray (who is gay) was forced to resign after the 5th person came forward to accuse him of child rape….

So liberal Seattle voters replaced him with the lesbian Jenny Anne Duncan

Neither has shown any desire to take on the 12,000-strong army of homeless addicts – many living on the street and in illegal homeless camps.

While Seattle’s sidewalks and doorways serve as public latrines, and drugs are sold openly on the city sidewalks.

If your town or city isn’t this bad…yet,  – just beware that this only took about 20 years in Seattle.

Enjoy the video, – it’s hard to watch.

Anybody reading this blog or seeing the video evidence want to trust the White House to Jay Inslee…?


Gary Locke             (8 years)
Christine Gregoire (8 years)
Jay Inslee               (since 2013)

Two Decades to DESTROY a City!

Keep voting for Democrats FOOLS!

6 Responses to “Seattle Dies; Sidewalk Toilets Overflow”

  1. Varvara

    Seattle, NYC, Paris, London, Stockholm, etc., etc., etc. People, are living in the streets, parks, alleyways. Some of the problems are due to drugs. Some problems are due to unstable mental conditions. All these problems are made worse by not having enough hospitals and care homes.

    Most police are overwhelmed and can not process everything! Some police simply do not want to be bothered. This happens a lot in Europe when rape is reported to the police.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    To paraphrase French philosopher whose name escapes me, people get the government they ask for….

    I often wonder if there really should be some sort of intelligence quotient required to cast a ballot, but given the brainwashing that goes on in current academia, and the brain dead stupidity of the likes of Ocasio-Cortez, that may be an even greater peril to our Republic.


    “Every Country has the government it deserves.”

    often attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville

    but actually written by Joseph de Maistre

  3. Kojack

    The route cause of all this is when the lib-TURDs emptied the mental institutions back in the 70’s claiming that people with severe and dangerous mental dis-orders have rights. Many things since that time have exacerbated the problem INCLUDING THE INDULGING MENTAL ILLNESSES AND PROTECTED CLASSES.

  4. Walter Knight

    The difference in the Seattle area in the last few years is that the drug addict camps are now visible to the rest of the state from the freeway.

    Liberals attracted drug addicts to Seattle with freebies. Their solution is to build large mega camps. The mega camps idea started in San Francisco, but the idea is spreading to parks in other cities.

  5. Ben

    Democrats are called liberal for a reason. They also are enablers. It is going be uncontrollable in the near future. It already is in some places.Wake up America before its way too late.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Seven of the nine Seattle City Council seats are being contested this year. And Ari Hoffman, featured in the documentary, is now a candidate for City Council, running in opposition to these dangerous policies that refuse to address the public health and quality of life crisis in Seattle. I’d say Ari Hoffman deserves some out-of-state support.