Sea-Change In The MassGOP State Committee

Posted January 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

I would have loved watching Ron Kaufman’s face as the votes were being counted. It wasn’t the news he thought he’d be calling Charlie FAKER with.

47 – 30 may not seem big to many RRB Readers,  – but compared to January 2017 when the Mouseketeer won an undeserved re-election,  it is nothing short of a miracle.  Some old Committee RiNOs are gone, – others may have spent these past two Trump years realizing what Republicans can accomplish.

Victory has a thousand authors,…so we can be gracious and smile as each State Committee Critter claims credit for voting for Jim Lyons.

The Baker – Polito – Andersen – Kaufman camp must be lonely and sullen today.  Perhaps Charlie is re-thinking his Presidential Ambitions….?

Jim Lyons will need tons of support – and in time – some real spending money.  But I’m pretty sure we Republicans will at least get a real accounting for the funds,  – and we’ll hear the Chairman utter REAL REPUBLICAN WORDS!

Folks, last night was HISTORIC  – because we haven’t had a REPUBLICAN as Chair of the MassGOP since the 1980s,  – when Ray Shamie went to work rebuilding our Party from the Town level up.

Now we need all the pro-abortion anti-gun RiNOs on the State Committee to RESIGN, starting with Vice-Chair Jeanne Kangas. Go join your fellow Democrats, – and make way for some American Patriots!

And we need to THANK and ENCOURAGE those Committee Critters who finally woke up, – saw the light,  – and examined their souls, – – and voted for a Republican at last!

We now have 21 short months to be ready for the November 3rd 2020 General Election.  That will be our first chance to rid ourselves of some of the nine disgraceful Democrats who FAIL to represent us in Congress.

We need to build up the warchests of our Town Committees,  – AND find brave and worthy Republicans willing to endure the run for office.

At least this time around there will be REAL Republicans on Merrimac Street to support them.

Bye Kirsten, don’t let the door hit you….

10 Responses to “Sea-Change In The MassGOP State Committee”

  1. Marty Lamb

    You left out a very important election, the 2020 Presidential Primary, spring 2020.
    While, Gd willing, we will only have on Presidential candidate on the ballot, there will be another critical race. State Committee members, or critters, are elected for a 4 year term ON THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY BALLOT.
    We need to put heavy focus on the SC race and take the majority of the SC.


    BINGO! Well-stated Marty! TY!

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Kauffman has the energy of Ginsberg, and effectiveness of a fart in a crowded taxi.

    Perhaps the MessGOP will actually having more than a dozen or two real town committed supporting candidates. Nice to see a change.

  3. Corsair21

    It was wonderful to see these results last night. It gives us in the grassroots hope for a new and better direction that results in help for worthy candidates, respect and gratitude for volunteers, and victories along with President Trump’s re-election in 2020. This can be a year of re-alignment and as Marty Lamb said, that begins with the State Committee member elections on Super Tuesday in March 2020.


    Looking forward to growing the Republican grassroots!

  5. sad4magop

    Andersen saw himself as the next in line. But after countless losses and a Governor who cares only about himself with no thought to deny it, the State Committee had no choice. Baker bashed Trump, Kavanaugh and anybody else who was a Republican. That did not sit well with at least 47 State Committee people. Lyons was in the right place at the right time. As with the Trump election in 2016, God has intervened to save our Commonwealth and our Country.


    Agreed! But it’s up to US to FIX IT!

  6. Jim Buba

    Now then, with the line-up changing for the Good and Better, there is hope and good reason to donate and get back to work.

  7. Kojack

    The electorate will make the final decision as to the direction of the commonwealth. The decisions that it made in Nov in the context of the stark contrasts between Diehl and Warren, McDonald and Trahan and Lively and Baker in the GOP primary does nothing to inspire optimism in conservatives. This state is lost. It would be better and probably faster if the makers moved out and let the whole thing cave in on the takers.

  8. Sylvester

    Kojack …Electorate is very few in # in MA. The conservatives just don’t vote. Have heard it over and over again. With a new direction from the MASSGOP things will change. Remember Baker did everything he could to kill his own party by getting our the Anti Trump Vote. Baker ran as a Democrat with a “R” next to his name. Don’t give up hope yet.

  9. Marc

    There really is no Republican party in Massachusetts. What you have are two Democrat parties. What most people consider to be the Republican party in this state is composed of Democrats, like Charlie “Big Dig” Baker, who don’t want to run in the Democrat primary.

  10. Sonny's Mom

    I’m still in shock. It seems too good to be true. It has to be more than just luck. There must have been a long, careful, behind-the-scenes strategy to make this happen.

    PS For those still skeptical of the Mass GOP, check out the Mass Republican Assembly (“The Republican wing of the Republican Party”).