Scumbag John Kerry: Taxdodger!

Posted July 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

John Ketchup Kerry has had so many titles in his life, ivy league preppie, wannabe naval hero, congressional perjurer, anti-war activist, traitor, wannabe lawyer, gigolo, junior senator, wannabe president, wannabe SecState, and now in his old age he can add Massachusetts TAX DODGER.

Seems Theresa’s overgrown lap poodle has bought a yacht.  Had it made for him in New Zealand, saving a bundle there, – minimal taxes, – no American workers involved.  Had it delivered half-way around the world to him – in Newport, Rhode Island.

This baby – “Isabela” cost him vic $7,000,000.oo.  Parking it in Rhode Island will save him about $437,500 of Massachusetts sales tax plus the annual excise [property] tax of about $70,000.

Now Massachusetts can to a degree blame itself for this situation, we still have a sales tax.  In fact we just raised it last year from 5% to 6.25%.  I’m sure Theresa’s tax people told the lovebirds that Rhode Island eliminated their boat taxes back in 1993, the Clinton years.  So you know that Lurch – who has NEVER voted against any tax on us little people, has no problem saving himself [I mean saving Theresa] a bundle by parking Isabela in Newport – so all his rich friends can admire her.

And how convenient;  Newport State Airport, with a 3000 foot runway,  is just two miles away.  Theresa’s jet can touch down there and the couple can be sailing within minutes.  Then he can live his fantasy – “JFK Reborn”.  AND, he can use Isabela to quietly sail Theresa’s fortune to off-shore banks.

Of course these are the images I’ll always have of him:  traitorous scumbag phony wannabe.

Twenty-seven years our “Loyal Public Servant”?   PoS!!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

I wonder…who Isabela actually is?  Maybe a favorite intern?

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    “Liveshot” said in a recent town meeting, sorry I did not know that it was taking place, that the Arctic will be free of ice within 5 to 10 years citing data from NOAA, another one of those “reputable” government agencies. If this is the case, he should, like a modern day Noah, bring aboard the good ship, Isabela, all of his whacko environmental friends and sail East, North and West to the illusive Northwest passage. He will need something to occupy himself after the 2012 elections to keep his mug in the MSM.