Scum Of The Earth Attack Again…

Posted March 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Suicide bomber at Brussels Zaventem Airport and in downtown subway station – death toll climbing as this is posted.
Zaventem Airport Bombed
Anybody really want to import more “Muslim refugees” to our country?  I think Trump has it EXACTLY right!

Muslims have ALWAYS been ungrateful ‘refugees’;   – throughout history they have always bitten the hands that fed them….

Brussels Subway station bombed

Again this morning Belgians are paying in blood for their generosity and hospitality.

Zaventem Airport wounded

Any ooey-gooey lib-turd who wants to invite more Muslims here is (A). ignoring 1400 years of History, (B). ignoring reality, and (C). aiding and abetting the ENEMY.

Refugees demand Shariah Law

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Muslims in Brussels to march in protest to condemn these bombings.  They’re passing out candy!

Folks,  – these evil acts are NOT “crimes”  – they are barbarous acts of WAR.  You must get it through your heads that Islam is AT WAR with all of the rest of the world.


three suspects

Civilian court systems are the wrong venue,…military tribunals and firing squads [or hanging] is the proper legal solution.

How many more generations of your children and grandchildren do you want to see subjected to this continual onslaught by this murderous cult?   They are the REASON Columbus sailed WEST!

Listen as this Muslim father in NY City tells his sons that they are going to be fighting US veterans…..

Folks, if you don’t already own a gun and a stock of ammo – get strapped!


7 Responses to “Scum Of The Earth Attack Again…”

  1. Varvara

    There is a difference between refuges and migrants. The persecuted Christians, a great deal of them thrown overboard, are the ones who need help. They are a very small percentage. The migrants went to Europe to find jobs and $$$$. These are the men, without women and children, who are stealing, raping and killing. They are military age, between 20 and 35. The younger ones lie about their age and say they are teens and need help.

    These migrants have a whole network supporting them with instructions on how to ‘pass’ as refugees. Instructions on getting a haircut and wearing a cross are just two. It gets worse.

    Heaven help Europe and keep them safe. I fully expect this summer to be awful.

  2. Sherox

    How long will we wait until more multiple coordinated attacks such as this are commonplace in the US? My guess, not long.

    These so-called refugees are not radicalized by any means. They are interpreting the Koran correctly, contrary to what the government states.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    The Mallenbeck section of Brussels is a closed Muslim enclave, just as St. Denis and other area in France. The media will not admit this fact but these enclaves grow all over Europe and are moving to a state, city or town near you. Our government is oblivious to the terrorist threat that we face as they continue to accept these people indiscriminately.
    I traveled through Brussels on many occasions with work colleagues and with my wife, the Muslim population was visible, but now they proliferate through the population.. If you can connect the dots, you should be very wary, it’s only a matter of time. Donald Trump gets it.

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    The American people need to put Obama in jail. We must go after this islamic insanity like a wild dog, wiping them out wherever they are. Blast them from the earth.

    “A radical only understands a radical solution” CFB2

  5. kojack

    @Clinton ma tea party – How about if we rid them from the US first?!?!? If the situation was reversed does anyone think they would hesitate for a millisecond to use WMD’s including nukes against the west?!?!? As Mike said this is what they do. THERE IS NO RADICAL ISLAM, ONLY ISLAM!!! Wake up before it’s too late!!!

  6. Hawk1776

    I’ve heard several “experts” say how banning immigration is not who we are as a nation. They specifically mentioned Trump’s comments are wrong. What they fail to realize is that the game has changed; the rules are different. The Muslims don’t adhere to Judeo-Christian ethics and their loyalty is to Islam.

    The first responsibility of the government is to the American people, not to immigrants. I doubt there is any way to successfully screen them so as far as I’m concerned we should ban them forever.

  7. MC

    I think that Europe is going to have a terrible year but the U.S. may have some lone attackers but not on a major scale yet.

    Why- because they don’t want to stir up the American citizens against them. They want average Americans indifferent and complacent. They have a fear of Trump getting elected and hope the “secret”money trying to stop Trump will result in America electing another feckless liberal. This buys them time.

    They need Obama and bleeding heart liberals to let in thousands more trained military-age Muslim ‘refugees’ before they mount any major attacks.

    They need the millenniums to stand up for their Muslim rights while laughing behind their backs.

    We need Trump now more than he needs us, because years of being politically correct has given us nothing but more debt, less world respect and far less security.