Scott Walker: Make America Great Again!

Posted February 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Scott sounds like a President to me….and he doesn’t even break a sweat doing it.  [Slide the button forward to the 2 minute mark.]

Not a teleprompter in sight…

the Walker Family

I think Tonette Walker is already proud of her country….

5 Responses to “Scott Walker: Make America Great Again!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Strength of personality and conservative values got Scott Walker through tightly fought elections and a recall. A hundred thousand union rent-a-thugs demonstrating in Wisconsin couldn’t intimidate Walker to back down on taxes and the budget. He was the liberals’ number one target, but he has kept winning, driving liberals into a frenzy of hate. We need a fighter like Scott Walker in Washington DC.

    The primaries are a vetting process to see who can organize, raise money, fight the liberal media, and articulate issues. Walker appears to be that winner. Expect more hate from the media.

  2. John O'Mara

    Scott Walker is our guy.

    There’s great advantage to supporting him early.

    You’ll be hearing about a newly formed Massachusetts/NH group called “Victory 2016” dedicated to winning the “swing state” of NH.

    If you want to hear more about it contact John O’Mara at

  3. MC

    This man is Hope & Change Back to the freedoms we enjoyed before — He has actually accomplished his stated goals–that is a major change in itself.

    The fact that he is driving the liberal media crazy is enough to make this conservative smile.

  4. Len Mead

    Great link to a heartwarming (NO TELEPROMPTER!!) speech of Scott Walker.
    Tea Party groups in MA have helped him a number of times IN PERSON fighting the union rent-a-thugs.
    As we wait today wondering how our country will survive Obamanet, Obamacare, Illegal ammo by illegal dictat, and possibly not preventing 4 million new illegal criminal democrat votes with illegal “amnesty,” the appearance of Scott Walker is a real ray of sunshine.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Florida Conservative

  5. Tina Hood

    Scott Walker is a leader on par with our Founding Fathers. I pray he is able to withstand the Progressive Leftist media firestorm and emerge as our president on the other side.

    This country desperately needs someone of his caliber to bring logic, critical thinking, and pride back to the presidency.

    May God bless this country in a mighty way.