Scott Brown – What The Cluck?

Posted May 26th, 2012 by Iron Mike

This ought to hard-boil your brain today.

With our National Debt at $16 Trillion, – with no budget in 1123 days – our Cosmo-RepubliCrat Senator Scott Brown turns his legal talents to the critical business of chickens laying eggs.  
He feels they need new Federal Regulation to get the job done!?!?

No, I’m NOT kidding you.

World Famous California MoonBat Senator Dianne Feinstein wants to regulate egg-laying across state lines.

Only a One-World Socialist would attempt to regulate what chickens have been managing to do without the Democratic Party for some 50 million years!

And – [with seemingly nothing better to do?] – our very own Scott Brown has departed the Battle of Wounded Cherokee to help Dianne attack those unregulated chickens.

Your breakfast table will surely be healthier for his diligence.

  Other co-sponsors include the Usual Suspects:

Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) – who lied about being in combat Marine in Vietnam.

Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) software millionairess investigated by the ethics committee.

Jeff Merkley (D-Ore), left-wing public policy wonk from Princeton – an architect of Dodd-Frank.

David Vitter (R-La) generally a solid conservative – except for that prostitute thing back in 2002.

Ron Wyden (D-Ore) – hard-core pro-abortion gun-grabbing Stanford leftist.

Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif) – Twice-widowed, 5th richest senator [$26 Mil] left-wing Stanford gal – daughter is a federal judge.

EACH of these chicken-regulators gets a minimum of $174,000.oo BASE SALARY from you – to do the government’s business as outlined in Article 1, Sections 3 and 8.

I’ve read both carefully – can’t find the words chickens or eggs in either.

According to Senator Feinstein, the burning federal issue is egg farmers not being able to sell across state lines due to conflicting state regulations. Gee, you think maybe the micro-managers have been busy across the land?

I see no need for federal regulations here. I see a one-sentence federal law:

 ‘The States shall make no laws to regulate or restrict the sale of eggs’.

That should take about a minute to write – and another minute to pass.

So Fellow Citizens, – if you see any of these EGG-HEADS – ask them:

 ‘Senator, what the CLUCK? Why are you wasting our time and money? See what they say!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Flick

    I said it before-when you voted for him did you EVER think he’d turn into a ‘VERB’?