Scott Brown: The New Arlen Specter

Posted July 15th, 2010 by Iron Mike

It took that miserable Obama pimp Mitch Steward from Organizing for America less than 90 minutes to have his chortling e-mail announcement [complete with an e-mail TY for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, . . .and all those in Congress who stood with us] in my inbox!

Scott Brown – the man Massachusetts voters sent to Washington to be the 41st vote – had just gone over to the dark side – with them – to vote along with Maine dishrags Snowe and Collins to pass the Frank&Dodd bill, which will allow government administrators to TAKEOVER private companies – any damn time they “feel” like it. 

Whatever Republicans in the US Senate lost when Specter switched sides, we now have re-embodied in Scott “I know better” Brown.  The man who ran promising to be our 41st Vote and NOT their 60th Vote,  – has just become their 60th vote!

In the past ten days Scott has received thousands of letters, faxes, emails, and calls asking to vote against the bill, and explaining in succinct detail what is wrong with it.  He was certainly aware of our angst, he posted an explanation on Red Mass Group.  He said in part:

After finishing reading it, I decided that while the bill was far from perfect, it was vastly improved from the version we started with at the beginning of this process.

At times, you may disagree with my final decisions, but know that each vote I cast is taken after very serious consideration and review of the issue and is with the very best interests of the citizens of Massachusetts and the country first and foremost.

Scott, the very fact the damned thing was drafted by those crooks Frank and Dodd should have been enough by itself to get your NO vote.  Passing a FLAWED 2300+ page bill, and saying something stupid like “…we’ll fix the details later” is basic Democratic Politics 101.

You have voted for something which contains provisions for a government bureaucrat to take over private companies.  That is patently un-Constitutional.  You violated your oath!  You betrayed the voters who sent you there to protect our Constitution.  You’ve just done Obama’s bidding.




The Torch is Passed!

So what’s your plan for 2012 Scott?  Maybe run on the Democrat Ticket – as OBummer’s new Veep?  “Obama-Brown for 2012”  Yeah, it has a ~ certain ~ ring to it.  Or maybe Clinton-Brown?


   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

PS: Friday AM – see how happy he’s made the Socialists!

5 Responses to “Scott Brown: The New Arlen Specter”

  1. Bobby G

    It takes some mighty big political onions for an upstart congressional candidate to openly call out the most popular GOP member in your state especially when that state is Massachusetts.

    This is Ma GOP Congressional Candidate Sean Bielat’s statement on The Frank Dodd bill.

    “As a candidate for U.S. Congress opposing Barney Frank and as a constituent, I am greatly disappointed in Senator Brown’s expressed support of the Dodd-Frank Bill.
    This bill has Barney Frank’s DNA — it sounds smart but doesn’t make much sense, it spends more than it saves, and it’s afraid to talk about Fannie and Freddie.

    I believe the prerequisite for financial regulation legislation is discussion of Fannie and Freddie, otherwise we’re raising the dike without plugging the hole. This bill doesn’t touch on those entities, which are the heart of our financial collapse and are expected to cost taxpayers upwards of $400 billion.

    The bill remains full of excessive regulations that fatten government and don’t protect consumers, including a provision to force race and gender quotas on financial firms that would create a new taxpayer-funded bureaucracy and introduce social legislation into a financial “reform” bill.

    Our Senators and Representatives need to listen to their constituents and do the right thing, not just pass a bill laden with special interest provisions and new bureaucracies. We cannot afford the increased costs to borrowers and to consumers that this legislation will mandate. ”

    GOP MA 4th Congressional Candidate
    Sean Bielat Maj USMC Res. July 14th 2010

  2. Bobby G

    You Guys may want to rethink which horse your endorsing in the MA 4th District

    “Bielat’s Republican primary opponent, Earl Henry Sholley of Norfolk, said he opposes the bill and hopes Brown changes his mind, but he said he was not surprised Brown sided with Democrats.

    He said Brown promised during his senate campaign to judge bills on their merits, not on party authorship.

    –“Scott has always been an independent voter. I didn’t expect anything different from him,” he said.

    Although Brown does not always vote for the conservative position, he is still “a heck of a lot better than Martha Coakley,” Sholley said of Brown’s Democratic opponent.”–

    Perhaps it’s just me but one candidate (Maj Bielat) sounds like he’s willing to speak truth to power & the other (Earl Sholley) sounds more like a mouse who’ll begin suffering from political Stockholm Syndrome right after the primary.

  3. ironmike

    Thanks for clicking in Bobby. To an extent you are right. Brown has just proven himself a standard Massachusetts Republican, i.e. very liberal, easily influenced, and cheaply bought. Brown succumbed to flattery and his ego within days of his election. He ~ thinks ~ he’s the next JFK. Hardly. He’s our new Arlen Specter.

    As for Bielat, – the man won’t debate Sholley. I know Earl, and I know the depth of his character. Bielat’s actions are being choreographed by the MassGOP. ’Nuff Said!

  4. Tom Gilroy

    While up here in Maine, I feel the vibrations of the Maine twins and the betrayal of the new, “smartest guy in the room”, Scott Brown, aka Judas Iscariot. We had all hoped for much better, but the thought of “I’ll be the 41st vote”, makes me want to wretch. If the weather and the beaches weren’t so beautiful and restful, the fact that the thug in chief, the thugress and the thugettes are up in Bar Harbor almost makes me want to flee the state, but I have paid through Sunday. The next burning question is will he vote for Kagan? I’m betting he will. Let the search begin for a new candidate.

  5. clint71580

    about what i expected…1st few minutes in washington he made a beeline for john mccain’s office. that guy wrote the book on reaching acrross the isle working with liberal democrats and i am sure he offered scott brown many good tips. next thing you know he is rubbin elbows with mr. obama himself. now he’s in another world up there lookin down at the rest of us…….did you hear senator graham and another republican or two has voted for a mrs. kagan to rest her very liberal butt in the supreme court? she loves to take shots at our second amendment right to bear arms. what are they drinkin up there?!