Scott Brown Still Has White House Dreams

Posted August 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

FULL DICLOSURE:  This humble blogger spent weeks in late 2009 standing in the freezing cold collecting signatures for then State Senator Scott Brown,  – running for the US Senate Seat suddenly empty when Fat Teddy croaked.

I wrote a blog on RRB which Glenn Beck read on the air.   Brown promised to be our 51st vote against ObamaCare and trounced Coakley.

He immediately fell victim to media flattery – as several network personalities interviewed him – telling him he could be the next JFK – and a future President.

Brown’s head exploded – he was soon pimping his daughters on national TV.

And within weeks he was “reaching across the aisle– and betraying the TEA Party which had elected him. 

Then he RENOUNCED the TEA Party.

In the General Election of 2012 – the Cherokee Squaw whipped his ass.

Sulking – he moved out of Massachusetts to New Hampshire, – and ran for the US Senate AGAIN in 2014 only to lose to former Governor Jeanne Shaheen.


Governor Charlie Faker of Massachusetts…?

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire?

US Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire – who only won her election in 2016 by 0.1%…?

Voters in BOTH STATES should BEWARE:

Scott Brown has no moral compass, – no Conservative or Republican core.  He is strictly a coin-operated cheap suit – for sale to the highest bidder (or a little flattery).

He will betray any voters who are naïve enough to vote him into any office.

3 Responses to “Scott Brown Still Has White House Dreams”

  1. Jim Buba

    With luck, he’ll relocate to Oakland and run for governor

  2. Ms Smith

    Just found your site from article. I love it! I switched from Republican to Independent but I am proud that you keep fighting against the RINOs. God BLESS you in Jesus name!

  3. Sarge

    Let’s make him the new Ambassador to Afganistan