Scott Brown Plays Victim Again

Posted May 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike
Poor Scott – those women are picking on him! [youtube width=”252″ height=”200″][/youtube]

Yeah, they are! The so-called ‘non-partisan’ League of Women Voters has launched an attack ad against Scott. It’s the opening shot of the Democrat’s 2012 campaign to ‘regain Teddy’s seat’.

Yes, the ad is grossly unfair. But it doesn’t justify or excuse Scott’s sniveling.

First: This ad now conclusively proves what we’ve all long suspected, that the LWV is merely a stealth arm of the Democratic Party. They’ve never been ‘non-partisan’ – and any Republican thinking so is essentially too naïve to hold public office.

Second: That the Dems choose to start 8 or 9 months early on Scott – who is hardly a fierce fighting Republican – reveals the depths of fear and loathing that dwells in their hearts. The Tsunami for 2010 and the plunging ratings of their Messiah must have them inhaling a lot of recreational chemicals.

Third, since their attack is essentially a lie, one would have to believe there is a degree of desperation in their actions, and not many real arrows in their quiver. They’re grasping at straws – trying to create some ground swell of anti-Brown momentum.

Problem is that a LOT of moderate Dems have come to like Brown – he votes their way a lot of the time.

But having run away from all of the Conservatives in Massachusetts [there aren’t that many of us] Brown is unsure of his base. The TEA Parties put him into office, and he’s stiff-armed them ever since.

So today I get his new “I am a victim” email. He snivels that the LVA is picking on him, – distorting his record, – and he wants money to fight back [fill his campaign war chest].

But listen closely to his ad and you won’t hear him set the record straight – just play victim and ask for your $$.

[youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube]

Scott, if you expect any of us to support you and to help you fight back – YOU have to give us live ammunition.


AND, you have to show us by your votes and your actions that you really are [mostly] a Republican. Today most of the folks I know who worked and froze to get you into that seat are wishing we’d worked for Robinson instead.

Want to be re-elected Scott? Well, stop playing victim – and find your Republican roots. STOP ‘reaching across the aisle to find common ground’. There’s NO DAMNED COMMON GROUND over there. Forgettaboutit!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Scott Brown Plays Victim Again”

  1. dannap

    No confidence at all in your promises, Mr. Brown. Many of us from out of state supported you, on the basis of your [proclaimed] conservative mindset. Don’t expect any donors from this neck of the woods. You showed the ultimate disrespect and disregard for the trust we had in you.

  2. Sam Adams

    Typical RINOs like Brown run as “conservatives” and then when they get elected, decide they agree more with what Ted Kennedy stood for. Pro-lifers and social conservatives came to Brown’s aide knowing full well he was not totally in their corner on all of the issues. His “appreciation” was to disregard their efforts and to throw them, the Tea Party and social conservatives under the bus. The real dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks RINOs who ran at the top of the ticket last November did all that before the election.
    When you choose to lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Tough choice for some people.

  3. whathehell

    ATTENTION Scott Brown..DO NOT take my vote for granted. NO FREE RIDES HERE. This time you will have to earn our votes. Good Luck.