Scott Brown Beats Obama – And Coakley Too!

Posted January 19th, 2010 by Iron Mike

I’m still thawing out from 14 hours in the snow at the polling place, – but Holy Shit!

Scott Brown beats Barack Obama – [and some snarky broad named Coakley]

This was a victory for independents, disaffected Dems, and our tiny band of Republicans who never gave up faith in themselves, or belief in our Constitution.

We can also thank the Progressive Party [formerly known as Democrats] for their unending efforts to drive us toward socialism, and for really pissing a lot of voters off by changing and re-changing the laws to suit themselves, for Coakley’s really dirty campaign tactics, and the pResident’s inane attack on Scott’s pick-up truck.

We should thank the many supporters around the country who understood how important this race is to our Nation, and who offered their dollars,  their e-mails and phone calls back into Massachusetts,  and most importantly- their support and their prayers!  Thank all of you! 

I’m sure the White House is already trying to figure out how big a bribe to offer Scott to get that 60th vote.

But one thing is for sure:  “Camelot” is DEAD!   Up in Heaven,  Mary Jo is smiling.  And down in Hell Ted just learned you can’t always count on buying union votes.

Thank God!  And thank you Jeff Beatty!

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

GrandMA Tongas was at the polling place today.  I asked her if she’s yet bothered to read Cap and Trade.  She lied.  I told her “Niki, you’re next!”

4 Responses to “Scott Brown Beats Obama – And Coakley Too!”

  1. Ray

    Obama is now throwing Coakley under the bus! Gotta hate that loser.

  2. J Flick

    That’s 3 for 3 for the McStumpster B. Hussein Obama! We can only hope he helps more of his folks.

    Here in PA I’m anticipating Benedict Arlen (R,D,R) to crawl back so he can live out his years as the POLITICIAN (vs represtative) that he is.

  3. Bobcat87

    I saw you at the polling place yesterday — your commitment is inspiring. Let’s get fired up for November!