SCORE: 15 Dead Russian Airmen

Posted September 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Putin gives his most advanced anti-aircraft radars and missiles to Assad,  – and a Syrian missile crew shoots down a Russian surveillance plane – killing all 15 aboard.  Trigger-happy,  – or too much technology for third world goons?

It’s a hell of a way to market the S-400 System.  Of course the Russians are blaming the Israelis….

Putin is fixated on having a robust naval and air base on the Mediterranean coast at Latakia, thus he’ll back his friend of convenience Bashar al Assad with strike aircraft, surveillance aircraft, and missile systems.

If the Syrians can use them effectively – it helps Putin’s military sales program across the Third World. This was a big setback.

The Russians design most of their equipment to be relatively idiot-proof – both for their own troops and for foreign military sales.  But when you’re dealing with advanced radars and 10,000 mph missiles,  – it helps if the crews can read and write.

Here’s what the S-400 can do:

Track multiple targets simultaneously.
Shoot down cruise missiles (such as a Tomahawk missile).
Shoot down ballistic missiles, jets and drones.
Be used against ground targets.
Launch rockets that travel at 10,000 mph.
Is also called the SA-21 Growler. It is a fourth-generation defense system.
Carry a mix of four missiles.
Launch a short-range, medium-range, long-range and extremely long-range missile.
Shoot down targets up to 19 miles high and 250 miles away.
Is a mobile system, mounted on vehicles.
Shoot down 80 targets at once.
Network  with radars to track targets.


The skies over the Eastern Mediterranean are busy and crowded.  In addition to commercial air traffic there are Turkish, Syrian, Russian, French, Israeli and American aircraft flying routinely.  And the occasional Iranian smuggling arms into Syria.

Easy for a Syrian missile crew to get confused.

Since the time of the Czars, the Russians have dreamed of a warm-water naval base – preferably on the Mediterranean Shores. Now 15 Russian airmen have paid the ultimate price for those dreams.

RIP Comrades – your were mere pawns on the chess board.

Ironic that it was a Russian missile that killed you.

3 Responses to “SCORE: 15 Dead Russian Airmen”

  1. Sherox

    I wonder what the conversation was between Putin and Assad after that.

  2. minuteman1776

    “RIP Comrades” Mike, this brought a tear to my eye. When you return alive – and remember those who did not – they are comrades.


    Exactly Minuteman!

    I am saddened each day knowing that I killed more honorable men in Vietnam – who were only in the wrong uniform and the wrong place, – than many who currently sit on Beacon Hill and in the US Congress….

  3. John Wofford

    Are you in favor of the head chopping lunatics taking over Syria? Russia and Assad are the good guys here. Without Russia Syria is another genocide for Christians and other non Islam ethnic groups. We should be bombing in support of Assad but instead we live in a clown world where some how Saudi, Israel and US neoocons call the shots.


    You are pretty close to the truth John. The blunt reality is that there are ONLY BAD OPTIONS in Syria. Assad is only ~ slightly ~ better than ISIL….and Russia would support THEM if it would guarantee them the bases they want.