Schumer & Pelosi Aid Drug Cartels

Posted January 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is no other explanation for their anti-wall behavior,  Chuck and Nancy are operating as agents of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Oh sure,  they giggle at enrolling illegal Mexicans to vote here,  – but the BIG MONEY must be in the drug trade.  Dead Mexicans?  “Mere collateral damage!”

These people were tortured and murdered – their bodies dumped as a warning by the Mexican Gulf Cartel,…just 8 miles south of McAllen, Texas.

A wall would go a long way to stopping the drug trade, i.e. – stopping the murders…

So WHY are Chuck and Nancy still calling the Wall “immoral”?

3 Responses to “Schumer & Pelosi Aid Drug Cartels”

  1. Sherox

    Mike, you forget that the New World Order globalists claim that there are too many people on the earth so this daily bloodshed is just helping to reduce the excess population.

  2. Mt Woman

    From near-born babies to drug traffickers, all life is expendable to the liberals.

  3. Catherine

    Not just drug money; child sex trafficking. HUGE money in that, and a steady stream of kids coming over that border, NOT with their parents.

    The depravity of the high-level dems is truly breath-taking. I can only hope that at least SOME of their evil will be revealed publicly at the right time, so that the many good-but-deceived people recoil in HORROR and reject them utterly.