Schumer Caves; – Markets RISE!

Posted January 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Didn’t take long for up-Chuck to realize he was riding a dead horse!

5 PM: Senate Democrats STAMPEDE:   Vote is 81:18 to end shutdown!

7 Responses to “Schumer Caves; – Markets RISE!”

  1. Ron Motta

    The Chuckster is simply following the old adage of “when you are being run out of town, make it look like you’re leading the parade”!! In his case the parade should lead back to Bensonhurst in Brooklyn along with his other cohorts from that neighborhood, specifically “Grandma Moses ” (aka Justice Ginsberg), and “Carlos Danger” (aka Anthony Weiner).


    Some ‘Parade’…. Look at the faces of Patty Murray and Dianne Feinstein behind him.

  2. Kilsyth

    With so many Democrat government employees furloughed, paychecks delayed, the Schumer Shutdown was destined for an early demise. I would love to have been there when it hit Chuck that he had outsmarted himself once again.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Feinstein, though Jewish, graduated from a Catholic all-girls’ high school. Almost looks looks like she’s saying a Hail Mary.

  4. Jeffrey Wallens

    Both of our Senators voted to shut down the government. They have done so several times. Does anyone think that a reporter will ever ask them why they think shutting the government is OK?

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Jeffrey W: No, but in this year’s Senate race, a smart challenger will use that in campaign ads. Hold onto your war bonnet, Granny!

  6. Peter S

    Good News. Liberal media claim “Schumer caved”. Dreamers are “disgusted with Schumer”.

    Bad News: Newt Gingrich and the establishment praise Trump for the deal and now want to make a separate DACA deal with a path to citizenship for Obama’s illegals. Yes, this is what Gingrich is trying to sneak through. Establishment sorcery?

  7. Kojack

    Once again the RiNO’s in congress snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They had Schumer by the gonads. All they had to do was REFUSE to end the shutdown until the wall was fully funded, chain & lottery migration permanently ended and God knows what other benefits they could have scored for the American people, but no, Mitch the Squish and the other RiNO’s like Lindsay Graham threw Chuck-U-Schumer a life line instead.

    President Trump, the RiNO’s are NOT your friends!!!