School Kids “Tour” Radical Mosque

Posted September 16th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Troubling story:  Wellesley, Mass 6th Graders taken to radical Boston Mosque – several boys end up praying with the Muslim men. 


 Note the role of the school social studies department and the “consulting agency” Primary Source of Watertown.  Also note that Obama’s college buddy Governor Duh-val Patrick is a big supporter – you’ll see him in a brief clip in the video.

This story wouldn’t get the light of day without the work of a dedicated group sounding the alarm.  Judge for yourselves.  Remember that all across our country liberal groups and liberal leaders [like Bush, like Obama] have responded to the 9/11 attacks by insisting that Islam is “a religion of Peace”, and conducting a variety of outreach and inclusion events. 

Obama has made speeches claiming that Muslims were involved in our nation’s beginnings [i.e. utter nonsense and revisionist history].

He sent the head of NASA around the Middle East to make Muslims feel good about their role in space exploration – because they invented algebra.    

Understand: the attack of 9/11 was a demonstration and a recruiting tool

Today the proposed building of the 9/11 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero in NY City by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is intended to act as both a recruiting tool and a rallying place for radical Muslims. 

It will serve a more sinister purpose too.  It will serve as a focal point for American’s outrage.  People will demonstrate there – causing the NYPD to have to protect it ’round the clock at significant expense.  But every protest – every sign holder will be videotaped by these radical jihadists and shown across the Muslim world as “proof that Islam is under constant attack in America”.   

Rouf is placing a cinder in our eye, then condemning us as “haters of Islam” for rubbing our eye.  We’re being blackmailed into giving him acceptance.  He intends that thousands of Muslims move into the area – turning Ground Zero into a Muslim enclave. 


One:  Understand that even the most benign forms of Islam hold that believers have a duty to spread Islam – and with it Sharia Law.  The more radical forms and sects of Islam – like the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and the Twelvers of Iran – believe that Jihad is justified and required to make conversion or conquest happen. 


Two:  In their fervor and frenzy to destroy what they see as their primary foe – the American Christian right – American leftists have on one hand attacked all forms of public Christian expression, from crosses, to nativity scenes,  to prayer in school.  BUT – by contrast they have stupidly embraced the entire concept of Islam as a competing “path to God”.   They do so ignoring the harsh and ugly sides of Islam, Islamic history, and of course the status of women, wives, concubines, and slaves under Sharia Law. 

Here’s one hint:  under Sharia Law there won’t be any “woman’s right to choose” – or any abortion clinics taking public funds with one hand and making huge political contributions with the other.

Three:  Keep your grip on reality.  Islam is far more than a religion.  It is a total philosophy and a total way of life.  It justifies, indeed it sanctifies some of the most barbaric practices human beings ever dreamed up.  Circumcising, disfiguring, whipping, and stoning women come quickly to mind.  It is NOT a “religion of peace”.

Four:  Be very wary of your schools’ Social Studies curriculum and of any field trips.  Do NOT trust your kid’s tender impressionable brains to agenda-driven liberal teachers and school administrations.  If your kids’ teachers want to try exposing your kids to other cultures, – tell them to wear their burka everywhere in public, and don’t drive – or you’ll give them 100 lashes!  [I can’t wait for the teacher outcry to that sentence – tee hee].

Five:  Be constantly on guard.  The attacks on our American freedoms and our way of life are coming at us in many ways, and in many guises.  Ask your candidates where they stand.  See if they’re even aware.  Stay alert!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Just for the record:  Am I anti-Islamic?  Maybe a little, even before my next-door neighbor was murdered by them.  If people want to bang their heads on the ground while they pray – fine by me.  Knock yourselves out.  But killing people over a drawing or a cartoon?  Nah – that’s not religion.  Circumcising, disfiguring, whipping, and stoning women?  That’s not “religion” – that’s barbarians proving they’re azzwholes.

3 Responses to “School Kids “Tour” Radical Mosque”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I believe there are approx. 1.6B Muslims in the world today. Of the total Muslim population 10% are radicals and if you do the math that equates to 160M Islamic extremeists. That is infinitly more than the combined armies of the free word, China and North Korea. They are a force to be reconed with and they want to kill all the infidels and that is all non Muslims. When is the last time the Wellesley schools took a field trip to a Catholic, Protestant or Morman church? I also lost friends on 9/11 and I have spent a lot of time in Egypt. On Friday if you are anywhere near a mosque, the diatribe from the Iman, as translated by our native Christian (Coptic) Egyptian collegue, was venomous and anti-American. After they leave the mosque, in many cases, the demonstrations, riots and flag burning begins. This is not a religion of peace. Beware and prepare!!

  2. asusue

    I would LOVE to hear the outrage and schreeching from the teachers, administrations and progressives if the school took the kids to the cathedral and the priest suggested they all pray a Hail Mary! Convenient how that separation of church and state only applies when THEY want it to. Thank God my kids are grown. I would have to either home school or spend every single evening deprogramming if I had any in the state schools now.

  3. Rabid Republican

    Acton Schools and Acton-Boxborough Schools are partners with Primary Source of Watertown (mentioned in the video). Primary Source is the organization that puts these Islamic trips together. Why are our schools partnering with things like this? Why are we involved? Where are the protests from parents? Imagine the outcry if we ran field trips to many other houses of worship and made our students pray? Or even encouraged them to pray. This rates some very strong investigation. rr