Scariest Picture Of My Lifetime

Posted September 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Scariest Picture
Whether you’re conservative, liberal, or outright communist – this picture of these know-nothing inept phonies and lifetime blustering liars – PLANNING A WAR – should scare the crap out of you!

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  1. Mark

    Please watch as these are the people we are aiding.


    We featured this video on RRB June 17th Mark.

    Google: “Eat Your Heart Out Obama”

  2. Casey Chapman

    I did not recognize all the players, but I’d be willing to bet some muslim brotherhood/cair members were there.

  3. Walter Knight

    It takes that many liberals to plan both the war, and how to not win it.

  4. derp

    Sorry, what’s so scary about being left-handed?


    That’s your most piercing question Derp?

    Let me explain. By tradition the most trusted advisor sits at the right hand; – kings are often pictured with their queens at their right hand….

    But Obama is left-handed, – so the question is, – is Susan LIAR Rice his ‘most trusted advisor’ – since he rarely consults the Village Idiot?

    Does this help? Does the thought of these idiots plannig a war terrify you?

  5. Walter Knight

    In regard to the video of the Arab eating the heart of a Syrian soldier, I guess if the media tells a lie long enough, it gets traction.

    Doing a regime change in Iraq made the Middle East more stable. Iraq gets stronger every day, an American ally in the heart of the Middle East.

    When we went into Afghanistan the liberals complained it would take at least ten divisions to topple the Taliban, but all it took was destroying the Taliban air force. The Northern Alliance did the rest.

    Kadaffi said his enemies were al-Qaeda. The liberal press agreed, insisting we did not know who would prevail, and should not help. Most Libyans just wanted to get rid of the crazy dictator, a confirmed terrorist with American blood on his hands. Libyans did the ground fighting.

    Now the liberal press, and Putin (a dictator who cannot be trusted) say the Free Syrian Army are dominated by al-Qaeda. And many believe it? It’s just another liberal attempt to not support our allies. Liberals want the enemy to prevail. The Hezbollah, Iranian, Russian alliance are our enemy, with American blood already on their hands to prove it.

    Congress decries that we should not get involved in yet another war in the Middle East. Guess what? Terrorists in the Middle East declared war on us. The war still continues. It’s better that we take the war on terrorism to their home, than to wait for the terrorists to strike here, again. They will, eventually, if we do nothing.

    All we have to do in Syria is destroy their six air bases, and supply the Free Syrian Army. They’re already in battles with al-Qaeda. Let them finish the job. We can’t defeat al-Qaeda if they have safe countries to operate out of, or are allowed to out-gun our allies with Iranian support.

    Senator McCain has it right. He went to Libya before Kadaffi was toppled. He went to Syria to contact our allies. Will Obama do the right thing. Probably not. The Arab countries of the region will have to do it mostly alone. But, don’t let dislike of Obama prevent us from assisting our allies.

  6. Mark

    I do not dislike Obama, I dislike every decision he makes and every position he has. I am sure he is probably a nice guy. I am sure he will make whatever decision is not in this country’s best interest.

  7. Kojack

    Walter, WTF is it with your naivety about Muslims and Muslim shithole countries?!?!? For example during the build-up in prep for the ’03 invasion of Iraq, 2 U.S. Army officers were shot by a Kuwaiti policeman while the vehicle they were in was stopped in traffic. They should be kissing our butts!!! Muslims have NO gratitude and democracy does NOT appeal to them – they want Sharia Law so let them have it!!!

    Iraq is unraveling thanks to the village idiot VP’s failure to secure a residual force agreement. The country is more unstable now since the ’03 invasion. Suicide bombers and IED’s are now rampant in Iraq. Do you just ignore these reports or what?!?!?

    The Taliban is just bidding its time waiting for us to leave Afghanistan which of course the dear leader has announced and then it will revert to the way it was before we got there. The Taliban air force was a non-factor, what did they have 5 or 6 Sopwith Camels?!?!?

    Kaddafi renounced his WMD programs after he saw what we did in Iraq and is the only one to date to have paid reparations to victim’s families for a terrorist act which he sponsored. Benghazi never would have happened if Kaddafi was still in power and Libya is LESS stable now than it was before.

    Same with Egypt. Hosni Mubarak was a staunch U.S. ally who stopped all of the other traffic in the Suez Canal so the U.S. Navy could go thru 1st when our supposed ally France refused to allow us to fly over their airspace. He also pledged to uphold Egypt/Israeli peace treaty and protected the Copt Christians from being slaughtered as they are now. Also the numbers of sexual assaults has risen dramatically since Mubarak was deposed.

    The opposition in Syria is rife with al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood according to the more reliable British press and in the long run would be WORSE than Assad.

    It’s about time Arab DICTATORSHIPS like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates do something on their own god knows they’ve sucked enough blood and treasure out of us.

    BTW would you send your own son or daughter off to a place where female soldiers have to where head scarves to maybe die so that Sharia Law could be established somewhere?!?!? It’s easy to get into war not so easy to get out. This thing has the potential to unravel into WWIII. The Russians have a huge naval base in Syria and the Chinese are the single largest buyer and holder of U.S. debt. Suppose they collaborate to “teach us a lesson” ?!?!? Suppose Iran decides to attack Isreal as they have threatened?!?!?

    McCain and Graham are RiNO’s who are wrong most of the time and they’re wrong now.
    Finally there is NO U.S. INTEREST IN LIBYA – NONE and no good side. Think!!!

  8. Walter Knight


    You’re wrong. Arab Muslims are killing and executing terrorists in Libya, Egypt, and Iraq that we don’t have the stomach to kill or execute. We will leave Afghanistan to let a huge Afghanistan army to kill more.

    Do they appreciate our help? Yes, but it doesn’t matter as long as they keep killing the enemy. This is World War III, we have allies, and we need to continue fighting. The Enemy will not stop attacking the West just because people like you think if we ignore the Middle East they will go away.

    So ‘WTF’ back at you. As for RINOs, for many you so-called conservatives it’s all about the abortion issue, while the world and national security goes to hell.

  9. Kojack

    News Flash, Walter – they’re not going to stop attacking us whether we get involved or not and its not worth getting involved to assist al Qaeda(they attacked us on 9/11/01 remember?), Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood establish an Islamic caliphate and more especially in light of the possible consequences.

    If so many practitioners of the “religion of peace” are moderate and grateful than where was their condemnation of 9/11 or the Boston Marathon Bombing?!?!? Jeff Kuhner set up a special hot line for Muslims to call in and condemn the marathon bombing and all he got was crickets, not even one call from an organization or an individual!!! If you know any Muslims ask them if they will denounce Sharia Law if they’re so “moderate” but don’t hold your breath waitng for an answer.

    Where do you hear these fairy tales that Arabs are seeking out and killing terrorists?!?!? Do you still wait for Santa on Christmass Eve?!?!? The closest thing to that was Mubarak, a reliable ally, and YOU thought it was a good idea to oust him!!! People like you are al Qaeda’s and the Muslim Brotherhood’s best friends.

    As soon as we leave Afghanistan it will begin to unravel even more rapidly than Iraq which just had 67 noncoms killed today in car bomb attacks. Why do think Karzai is playing both ends against the middle?!?!? BECAUSE HE KNOWS AS SOON AS WE GET OUT THE TALIBAN COMES BACK AND RE-ESTABLISHES SHARIA LAW AND THEN ALL THAT BLOOD AND MONEY WILL HAVE BEEN FOR WHAT?!?!? We should have just carpet-bombed them back into the stone age and then get out and every other rag-head country that messes with us including Pakistan(how many $B’s have we given them and they were hiding OBL) and F this nation building BS.

    Abortion is way down on my list of priorities. I say keep it legal as long as it’s not late term and the women who want one pay for it themselves.


    The middle east was MORE stable until this moron stuck his nose where it didn’t belong AND OUSTED A RELIABLE ALLY IN EGYPT AND A RELUCTANT ALLY IN LIBYA!!!

    You still haven’t answered my question – would you send your son or daughter off to die to advance the cause of sharia law, yes or no?!?!?