Scalp Hunting Time At The MassGOP!

Posted June 8th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Sad, – pathetic, – disgusting,  – as the FAKE Republicans, the Infiltrators,  and the RiNOs use the flimsiest excuse to unseat the Chairman,  – because Jim Lyons won’t kneel and kiss Charlie Fakers ring.   What happened?

Things started when a used Toyoda salesman decided to run for office.

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette tried to run for Congress in 2018,  but failed to collect 2,000 signatures.

He’s trying again this year.  The bio on his campaign website is deliberately vague on his past employment,  – ran a pet grooming business and claims to have been a bank branch manager….?

AND,…Jeffrey claims to have gotten his GED…..

But the bulk of his website is devoted to his Family,  – his husband and his two adopted children…

Yes,  he makes no secret of being Gay;  his website BELLOWS it!

As a glittering generality – the attitudes of various Republicans toward Gay issues and Gay Candidates covers the spectrum.

Some folks hold strong feelings, – others mostly don’t give a damn….


Enter MassGOP State Committeewoman Deb Martell of Ludlow;  a well-raised young lady who will barely remember me from a dozen State Committee meetings….

Deb learned that Jeffrey was running against McGovern.   THEN she learned that Jeffrey was openly BOLDLY gay – with kids….

The Catholic part of Deb rose up and overwhelmed the Political part of the young lady.   She fired off an email to people she THOUGHT she could trust.   BIG MISTAKE!

Somebody ratted her out,  – first to Sossa-Paquette,  – then to other so-called “Republicans”….

Immediately Sossa-Paquette showed his true colors,  – he is a whiny little Democrat with a Platinum Victim Card.

He wanted a public spectacle.  He wanted Ms. Martell kicked off the State Committee – summarily – as if she’d just given money to Ilhan Omar.

When it didn’t happen he threatened (attempted blackmail) MassGOP Chair Jim Lyons.

Suddenly Governor Charlie Faker was in play.  Charlie has a very gay brother.

Various elected Mass State Representatives (there are SO FEW) jumped in,  – seeking limelight and free publicity,  – and seeking to curry favor with Faker.   They are pukes!

Notable among those demanding that Martell be flung into the volcano were Paul Frost and Shawn Dooley. “How DARE one of ours cast any shade on a happily married Gay Couple!” Somebody even cited the Pope.

Jim Lyons is hardly my favorite State Chairman,  – but he is the best Massachusetts has had since the days of Ray Shamie.

The three FAKE REPUBLICANS before Lyons were all tied to Romney,  and the last one ripped off the party funds.

Lyons issued a statement explaining that while Martell’s email was unfortunate,  – it violated no MassGOP rules,  – AND that the Party’s support for Freedom of Speech and the exchange of ideas overrides somebody’s “hurt feelings”.

It should be a donnybrook of a MassGOP meeting Wednesday Nite.

Meanwhile – Jim McGovern is grinning like his pet Cheshire Cat.

If the cry-baby gay used car salesman is the best that the Mass 2nd Congressional District can muster,  – McGovern is likely to outlast Pelosi and become the 1st Communist Speaker of the House.

MESSAGE TO: Candidate Sossa-Paquette:

Try acting like a REPUBLICAN.  Organize your campaign people.  Train your poll watchers.  Train your signature collectors.

Learn about McGovern and be ready to debate him.  (Hint: he has the Unions in his pocket).

Put some REPUBLICAN POSITIONS on your web site.

Stop acting like a sniveling wimp.  The 2nd CD needs a CongressMAN – not a cry-baby!

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Is there a REPUBLICAN message in there somewhere,  – or is this all about YOU?  Did you SERVE?

3 Responses to “Scalp Hunting Time At The MassGOP!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Maybe we should all take up Groping

  2. Kojack

    Deb Martell has a right to her opinion, especially in a private email. Whoever leaked the email to the press is the one who should be condemned.

  3. vince

    “America can only survive as a Constitutional Republic if we have a majority of educated and informed voters.”

    Thank God Debbi Martell spoke up!
    Only one subsection of America aims to – DEMANDS to- sexualize children. That “p” is NOT for “pansexual”.