Saturday Night Treason In The US Senate?

Posted November 20th, 2009 by Iron Mike
With the fate of Representative Democracy,  Individual Freedom,  and Free Enterprise Capitalism hanging in the balance, we wait to see how many of the 60 Socialist Senators will commit treason by voting for this massive fraud of a “health care” bill.

They ALL took an oath to “uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution”.   Yet up to 60 of them are about to ignore or shrug off that oath.  Most take the attitude “oh that thing – it’s just a historic document, – it’s out of date, – it needs to be rewritten”.  So the debate you see on TV today and tomorrow is a sham – it is just for show.

Dirty Harry Reid & Goons

Dirty Harry Reid and his Goons

The real action is in the halls and back rooms,  – where DIRTY Harry Reid is twisting arms,  threatening careers,  and offering bribes.  Mary Landrieu of Louisiana may be about to sell her vote for $100 million.  Others are going to want their share.  They know the truth, – this isn’t an $840 Billion bill.  Its true cost is $2.5 TRILLION.   And many of these sanctimonious “public servants” are going to insure their personal piece of that action.

Calling their offices – to caution the Socialists, and to bolster the Republicans will help – at least a little. 

But I think TEA Parties should be planning to visit these 60 traitors at their homes come Thanksgiving Day.  Many try to keep their home addresses very private, – but in most states you can find it by looking on the ballot for the last year they were last elected.  I think they need to know that we know where they live.  They should not eat Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday in quiet or comfort when they’ve just committed treason.  This goes for the 220 members of the House too.  Their lives hereafter should become VERY uncomfortable. They should cringe at the thought of passing through airports and riding on commercial aircraft,  – even eating out in restaurants.

Our Founding Fathers would have had these men and women tried and shot or hung.  The very least we can do is make their remaining days obnoxiously uncomfortable, – then vote their treasonous asses OUT!  Go hit ’em where they live, eat, and breed!   

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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