Satanic NY Governor Celebrates Pure EVIL

Posted January 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

We could all wish this was a sordid tale of fictional evil, – the stuff of horror movies.  But it’s not, – it is the tale of a demonic democrat – Governor Cuomo of NY State,  – who ordered monuments lit PINK to ‘celebrate’ their new law which allows babies to be aborted – KILLED – right up to the moment of birth.

If this law applied to ANIMALS,  there would be animal-rights activists marching on Albany and Washington DC. Amazing that the Left – which wants unlimited immigration across open borders,  – won’t protect the lives of unborn Americans.
Slavery was not America’s greatest sin!

5 Responses to “Satanic NY Governor Celebrates Pure EVIL”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    A Culture of death permeates our land. I will be hosting public showings of the Gosnell Movie that shows what really happens in these “clinics” which are nothing more than government sanctioned population control centers.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Ah-h-h….just another soul I don’t want to be standing near on Judgement Day…..

  3. Joshua Norman

    Another example of #NewYorkValues.

  4. Clinton ma Tea party

    Too bad Cuomo wasn’t aborted! President Reagan said ” Every liberal pro abortion activist have one thing in common….They weren’t Aborted”

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    What a crisis! Reproductive Health Act indeed! What a tragedy this is for all of us. How anyone can give birth to a child and simply abort the baby? Unconscionable, there are no words to even describe such an act.

    How about giving the child up for adoption, there are so many wonderful couples that would adore this child. Please, people come to your senses and don’t kill these babies. There needs to be an outcry, this cannot go on.