Sasha Johnson: Shot Like A Rap Star…..

Posted May 24th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Perhaps Sasha was finding her true self in the Victimization Business….and better money than in motherhood…?

She should have been safe out that late at night – – England has VERY STRICT GUN LAWS!

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UPDATE:   Thur,  27 May 2016    Metropolitan police said that officers have arrested five Black males, aged 17, 18, 19, 25, and 28 on suspicion of attempted murder.   Maybe there is a lot more to the story.

5 Responses to “Sasha Johnson: Shot Like A Rap Star…..”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Oops….it’s happened again.

    Another gun secreted its way, all by itself, to a place it wasn’t supposed to be, stood up straight, loaded and cocked itself, took aim and pulled it’s own trigger… Maybe our military could duplicate this technology. Sure would save a lot of our lives….

    I, too, wonder who was supervising this anarchist’s children while she was away from her home, partying, at 3:00 AM….

    But there is an upside: One less anarchist available to pollute the human gene pool.

  2. Dave

    Oxford Brookes university is the former Oxford Polytechnic. It’s not part of the University of Oxford that you’re thinking of. Regardless, I was unaware that having a degree magically made a black person no longer black. How weird! I was also unaware that being a parent magically made you no longer allowed to have fun. (Seriously, that’s the dumbest implied criticism of all time. There are so many stupid assumptions you have to make to get to “bad mother” on that one!)

    The desperation in your post to find something, anything to blame someone for getting shot is truly laughable. Sincerely, thank you so much for this diversion! I hope you continue to enjoy your long slide into irrelevance as an angry relic of a bygone age. 😀

    PS Fuck Trump.

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    IP: Portland, Oregon – a communist city beset by AntiFA and BLM riots with a pussified crybaby for a mayor….

    >> PS Fuck Trump.

    Really? What are you paying for gas lately – vs what were you paying last October?

    Anyway, good mothers – be they be in London or Portland, are at home with their kids at 3 am (unless they’re working the night shift – to support them).

    But you wouldn’t know that, – since you didn’t have a good mother.

    If Sasha had been home – she wouldn’t have been SHOT!

  3. Maynard Brandon

    Here’s my rant for the day, especially for Dave.

    Five months ago, gas prices were $1.79 and the US was a net exporter of energy. Inflation was low and under control and employment numbers were recovering rapidly. Illegal immigration was low and our borders were becoming more secure by the day. Peace was breaking out all over in the Middle East, the Iranians were hiding under their rocks, Russians were held in check in Ukraine, and North Korea was quiescent. We developed three vaccines in record time and were vaccinating a million people per day. The President worked twenty-hour days, had multiple public events, answered questions from all comers, and put America first. The Army revised its Combat Fitness Test to better measure readiness for actual combat.

    Now, gas prices are around $3.00, highest in a decade [unless you live on the Atlantic Seaboard in which case you might be out of luck]. Biden has halted drilling on federal land and canceled Keystone XL, despite Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s statement that pipelines are the best way to transport fuel. Colonial has been hacked and Gretchen Whitmer is attempting to shut down Enbridge Line 5. Biden has lifted sanctions on Putin’s crony who is building the Nord Stream 2 so not only the US but also Germany can be dependent on enemies for our energy. Meanwhile, in other news, John Kerry has gotten the US back into the Paris Agreement as China builds a gigawatt coal burner per week and emits more greenhouse gases than the US and other developed nations combined.

    Inflation just clocked in at 4.2%, the highest in three decades. New jobs came in at 266,000, 75% below expectations and the worst in two decades, at a time when there are more open jobs than unemployed people but the government pays (i.e., we pay) people not to work.

    There were 200,000 illegal immigrants in April, up from 17,000 last year. COVID-positive and COVID-unknown illegal aliens, not to mention their unknown status with respect to childhood vaccinations for things like MMR, DPT, and polio, are being released into the interior of the country – with no clue as to their identities. Drug-smuggling and people-smuggling cartels are flourishing. The cages that Obama-Biden built, falsely attributed to Trump, are at 700% of capacity. Interdiction of fentanyl in Texas in April is up 800% year over year. At least Biden is restarting work on a 14-mile stretch of border wall near the Rio Grande – how could he have known that walls work?

    Hamas fired 4,000 rockets into civilian areas of Israel, Iranian gunboats are harassing USCG ships, Russian troops are massing in Crimea on the border with Ukraine, China is conducting massive exercises on its side of the Taiwan Strait, and North Korea is back to testing short-range ballistic missiles.

    We are still vaccinating a million people per day but we are still being encouraged to wear masks and to keep masks on young children, who aren’t, or weren’t, in classrooms as they should have been.

    The President shows up at 9:30 a.m., might make one public appearance at which he is counseled not to take questions, and at 7:00 p.m. begins to prepare for bed.

    The latest Army recruiting ad features Emma, who joined the Army to “discover her inner strength” and “shatter stereotypes,” as opposed to, say, accomplish a military mission. A CIA ad features an agent who suffers from gender dysphoria and generalized anxiety disorder, as opposed to possesses some skill set that would be useful in performing intelligence functions. Biden has elevated climate change to a national security concern along with domestic terrorism. The administration’s plans with respect to these priorities should delight our enemies and scare Patriots. Biden delivered the commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy and botched plagiarizing a line from Ronald Reagan. The cadets sat on their hands – that should tell you something.

    Do you miss the orange man yet?

  4. Kojack

    Maynard Brandon that is an awesome comment! The only problem is that it contains too many facts that little Davie cannot comprehend, since he doesn’t work and spends 23.5 hours per day in his welfare mommy’s basement, but don’t judge him too harshly, after all, he is only 43 years old.

    I would just like to add that under Biden’s direction racism, known officially as Critical Race Theory, is being taught in all branches of the military. It is also being expanded to more K-12 public schools and colleges/universities than it was before.

    One good thing about this story is that Sasha, an aspiring Marxist is dead. We can only hope that more of the BLM/Antifa crowd share the same fate before they inflict irreparable damage.


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    She’s in intensive care Kojack. Jesus is conferring with Saint Peter about where she should go, if he pulls her plug.

  5. Kilsyth

    Very nicely said, Mr. Brandon.

    Missing the orange man Every Single Day.