Sarvesh Kumar Loved His Daughter?

Posted March 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Any father would be upset to catch his 17-yr old daughter having sex;  – but how many would immediately behead the girl?

In the primitive world of South Asia – Kumar performed an “honor killing” – to maintain the family honor.

Often local magistrates will scold these men for bring too much unfavorable attention on their village,  – then they usually let them go.

TRAGIC IRONY:  A nation capable of developing nuclear bombs,  ICBMs,  and nuclear submarines,…still has people raised to so devalue girls and women that a father will behead his own daughter,…and think he’s restored ‘Honor’ to his family.

One Response to “Sarvesh Kumar Loved His Daughter?”

  1. Kojack

    What’s the problem Mike? Kumar was just practicing his religion ie CULT.

    At least India is standing up to the CHI-COMMS like we use to before THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN FOR THE BIDEN CARTEL.