Sarah Semrad Resigned As Vice Chair

Posted November 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Her political passions got way out in front of her common sense and her upbringing.   She went a little wild on Twitter – and used the “H-word”….

But the Black Guys on the La Crosse campus of the University of Wisconsin may see an opening….


1. Most of you won’t marry a rich man or a prince;….so when you get out of school you’ll have to get a job in order to eat.

2.  The crap you write on the internet will live there for decades,..and people DO look before they hire.

3.  Before you hit POST – decide if you want some future boss or HR manager to see it!

Sarah, your misplaced hatred of White men,  Christians,  and unborn babies is most unbecoming.  All the ugliness is showing through.  How are you going to fix this?

UPDATE:   Monday, 27 Aug 2018   This blog entry on Troubled Sarah keeps getting hits, – today from Yale University.   Sarah, are you looking for a Master’s Program in Racial Self-Loathing? 

4 Responses to “Sarah Semrad Resigned As Vice Chair”

  1. Vic

    the feeling is mutual. Signed, a white man

  2. Hawk1776

    Maybe she’s a Kardashian wannabe.

  3. hddan

    Help, I need my “safe space”. She committed a “micro aggression” against me! BOO HOO HOO.

  4. Kojack

    The old adage that you become who you associate with certainly applies in this case. If you listen to Chelsea Clinton for 30 seconds you’ll know what I mean…..