Sarah Palin’s Scott Brown Smackdown

Posted August 27th, 2010 by Iron Mike

We Massachusetts Republicans and Conservatives have been fuming of late about Scott Brown’s wandering  allegiance to the Constitution.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed elsewhere.  Yesterday Sarah Palin, speaking on Fox Business News about several issues to include Joe Miller’s amazing victory over the Murkoswki dynasty, was asked about Scott Brown – in the context of legislators who stray from the wishes of their voters.

 “That’s Massachusetts, – and perhaps they’re not going to look for such a hard-core constitutional conservative there and they’re going to put up with Scott Brown and some of the antics there.  But here in Alaska and so many places across the U.S. where we have a pioneering spirit and we have an expectation that our representatives in D.C. will respect the will of the people and respect the intelligence of the people.  We wouldn’t stand for that.

Sarah goes on to talk about Republicans who become embedded in the Washington power system and fail to stand up on principle. [video here][shorter clip here]   

Remember back to Tax Day – as Sarah brought the TEA Party Express through Boston.  The left wing was already beginning the drumbeat of calling the TEA Party “racist”, and ~ maybe ~ for that reason Scott Brown declined an invitation to stand and speak to the assembled TEA Partiers. 

If that was his reason – fear of being called a “racist” by the left – then Scott’s boycott was cowardly.  If he was acting on orders from the Mitt Romney camp – not to be seen with Sarah [a potential 2012 rival to Mitt for the GOP ticket] then it was a politically foolish move. 

In any case,  Scott Smooth’s credentials were already under fire based on all the times he voted with the Obama Cartel.  Now even his basic Republican credentials are coming under fire. 

This is delightful news to the still shell-shocked MassHoles in the Democratic [Socialist] Party and their official publication, the Boston Globe.  The Globe’s little beltway weasel Matt Viser was quick to put his own spin on it.  What’s funny to me is how many pundits are already trying to handicap the 2012 Presidential race – while conveniently ignoring the race directly under their nose.  Have they already written 2010 off? 

Scott, if you run and win office as a Republican, the voters who sent you expect you to be a stand-up dude.  But if you immediately start your bid to be president by mincing your words and spreading your vote around, you should expect quick and stinging backlash.

In this time of 10+% unemployment, 10% mortgage defaults, $14 Trillion National Debt, and every village, town and city littered with empty factories and empty storefronts,  – this is NOT the time to be making overtures to the socialists.  Alaska’s RiNO Lisa Murkowski just learned that lesson.  Scott Smooth, do you think you can learn anything from Lisa’s experience?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Sarah Palin’s Scott Brown Smackdown”

  1. Bob Shannon

    If Scott Brown were to become a hard core conservative Republican, he would lose the next election in Massachusetts. I would strongly prefer a moderate Republican to any type of Democrat. I love Sarah Palin, but as Tip O’Neil famously said “all politics is local”. What works in Alaska probably won’t work here.