Sanders-Warren Rally Falls 2000 Short

Posted April 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

They’d bragged about a ‘SOLD OUT’ venue of 3,500;   but news reports suggest they barely drew 1,600.

Maybe MassHole DummyCrats have grown weary of the Cherokee Squaw’s funny jackets – collar up – sleeves turned up – ranting about “the Middle Class is getting hammered”.  Has their Socialist envy act worn thin?

Bernie still wants the government to guarantee a FREE college education – and of course FREE health care….

.and he still believes there are enough “millionaires and billionaires” that can be milked of their money – to pay for it all.

Problem is the folks who just voted for Trump don’t want ‘free stuff’, – they want their jobs back, – so they have a fighting chance to earn their living…the honorable way…with honest hard work.

Have you EVER heard Bernie speak about his plan to combat and defeat ISIS?

Do you think Bernie even knows about MS-13…?

He did acknowledge that Democrats lost the 2016 election.   OK Bernie, – that’s a start – a 1st Step

But he still envisions a popular uprising – a revolution – to take over Washington.   Does he see himself as the 21st Century Lenin…?

Warren seems content to share the stage for the moment.  The drugs she craves – TV cameras – were there,…so she was content to keep herself in the public eye. 

Too bad she’s not doing her basic job of being our US Senator….

.makes you wonder…if she won’t do the job she ran for,….why do we think she can or will be willing to do the job of President come 2021 or 2025…?

I think she just likes being a raucous public squawk….

But somewhere Vladimir Lenin is smiling.  They’re keeping his dream alive!

7 Responses to “Sanders-Warren Rally Falls 2000 Short”

  1. Hawk1776

    1600 too many.

  2. Patrick

    Can you link to a news article about the rally falling short? I’d like to tweet it out.


    Expected 3,500: (Paragraph 2)

    Got 1,600: (1st paragraph)

  3. Kojack

    I saw clips of Lie-a-watha and the old COMMUNIST PRETENDING TO BE A SOCIALIST. I didn’t see anyone in the small crowd over 30.

    Every one of them had to be a dumbed down ENTITLED MORON or they wouldn’t advocate that we go down the same path as Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, etc.

  4. integrity 1st

    You mean they LIED about being sold out??? How dare they!

  5. Walter Knight

    ‘Sleeves rolled up.’ Good eye. Politicians like to be photographed with their sleeves rolled up, demonstrating they are one of the people, hard-working hands-on for you. It’s all just a phony photo-op.

  6. Patrick

    Thanks, Mike! I have a post up about it:

  7. Sherox

    Mike, they don’t care how many were killed as they believe that the world is far too populated already and think that the UN’s agenda of lowering the population numbers is what is required to stop man from destroying the world.