Sanders SKUNKED; Dems Pick Dementia!

Posted March 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Does anybody believe the Bernie Babes will accept these results?

One Response to “Sanders SKUNKED; Dems Pick Dementia!”

  1. Catherine

    There is simply NO way that those figures are not cooked. Even stipulating for argument that there are more Biden supporters out there in looney-lefty-land than Bernie supporters, the numbers should be closer to 51-49, possibly 52-48.

    Milwaukee, watch out – the bernie kids are on video (Project Veritas) saying that if bernie doesn’t get picked, the city will burn.

    Then, utterly disgusted, those selfsame young commies will either stay HOME in November, or vote Trump just out of utter disgust for the dnc. The dems are destroying themselves, one outrageous action after another.