Sanctuary Advocate Attorney Danny Factor

Posted January 28th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There are always those kooky few who try to turn really bad ideas into public policy.

Acton, Mass – my town – has found a new ’cause’ for the lunatic fringe to get behind “Sanctuary Town”“Fuck the People, fuck the future victims,  – we have a CAUSE!”

It’s hard to know if these people are stupid,  evil,  or have had their heads up each other’s asses for these past 16 years….

Just this week three Muslim men live-stream their gang-rape of a Swedish woman on Facebook – wave a gun, – and dare anybody to come rescue her.

Elin Krantz was a beautiful young Swedish woman – who was working in a refugee center.  This is how ‘grateful Muslims’ thanked her….


San Francisco prides itself on a long history of being a Sanctuary City. The senseless murder of Kate Steinle – by an often-deported illegal Mexican,  – may have propelled Donald Trump to run,….and certainly galvanized people to his campaign.

So if Attorney Danny Factor thinks he’s making a “FUCK TRUMP” statement,  – he’s certainly putting this town on the road to problems he cannot begin to envision.


Like Muslim refugees demanding an end to Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving observances in the schools or the Town Square…. because they are offensive”.

Like Muslim refugees demanding street signs in Arabic….

Like Muslims demanding classes in Arabic and the History of the Muslim Empire be taught in the Jr. High and High School….by Muslim teachers,…with a Muslim Assistant Principal available…. AND…separate classes for boys and girls…

Like Muslim refugees demanding prayer rooms and foot-washing stations in the schools,  the library,  and town hall….

Like Muslim refugees demanding that Donelan’s and Roche Bros carry Halal meats – and stop carrying pork,…because pork offends them….and the same for the school menus.

Like Muslims wanting a Mosque – in the center of town,….and demanding that those “other places” remove any crosses or stars….

Like GANGS:   MS-13 and XVIII Street at a minimum,….and other families working for the various Drug Cartels,…with the ensuing gang murders…


ASK DANNY:   What does he know about Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino and his friend Matthew Borges…? 

It happened just last month!  You can read about it on RRB:

At best, this is all just a bid for attention by a shitty hippy attorney with not enough paying clients to afford an office or a home.

But in this LibTurd-filled town,  – Bad Ideas catch on like wildfire!

It seems Acton’s Board of Selectmen will listen to these bad ideas at 7 PM on Monday, Feb 6th…..because after all,….if Somerville can do it,…why shouldn’t we…?

Maybe they should check crime statistics and property values in Somerville…?

Having put forth this bad idea,  – does Danny propose that HE be the one to vet the ‘refugees’, 

 – to pick out the ‘GOOD’ from the likely rapists and murderers…?

Or does he assume “someone in Government” will do it…?

What do you want to bet…that Danny Factor is ALSO against you owning the weapons of your choice for personal protection…?

Anybody in Acton want Danny Factor picking and choosing?   Think he’s smart enough?

7 Responses to “Sanctuary Advocate Attorney Danny Factor”

  1. Catherine

    I know better than to take that sucker’s bet at the end, Iron Mike.

    Some people are too STUPID for words. This so-called “attorney” must be the poster child for that group.

  2. Jim Gettens


    After reading about Worcester’s PoS Mayor Petty, concerning this issue, in today’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette, I mailed out a letter requesting the defunding of declared and de facto Massachusetts “sanctuary” government entities. The letter was addressed to Atty. Gen. Sessions (he will be soon enough) and DHS Secretary Kelley. It included enclosures, with 8 ccs. E-Mail me if you want a ‘Word’ copy.



  3. GreenBeretLTC

    The Trump anti-sanctuary city shit’s already hitting the fan. The first cave-in: Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos A. Gimenez, who sees the light and ordered county jails to comply with federal detention requests…. (Wise move, Carlos, since you receive more than $1B in Federal aid….).

    NYC gets about $7B (SEVEN BILLION!) in federal aid. Just wait until that check ends. DeBlasio’s gonna mess his pants…

    San Francisco gets about $1B. Mayor Lee’s going to have to sell an awful lot of fortune cookies to tax to make up that shortfall. Maybe he’ll start his own lottery or maybe even a gofundme….

    As for myself, no more powerful a statement can be made than for AG Sessions to set a deadline then send Feds to arrest one or two of these twit mayors who think they’re above the law. This, of course, after he sends someone to slam the cuffs on Hillary Clinton….or both of them…..

    The Lefties are implying Trump’s turning into a dictator. I don’t see that….yet. But that’s all beside the point. Someone once said, when a government gets way out of control it takes a dictator to bring it back. But, alas, that can’t happen. We still have this wonderful document called our Constitution…..

  4. Asusue

    This could be an interesting dilemma for the citizens. On the one hand they will want to support and push forward their “cause”. On the other hand, what will all those refugees do to the school system reputation, the property values. Do the citizens want to risk their and their children’s safety? Could be interesting to see their consternation.

  5. Kojack

    Great story, Mike. Its actually really simple…..LIB-TURD pols want future DEMOCRAPS so as to establish permanent political power as they will be dependent on gov’t as future residents of the DEMOCRAP plantation. The DEMOCRAPS who vote to keep them in office ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THEY DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT ANTHING BUT THEMSELVES.

    It also validates my argument that ISLAM should not be allowed in the America unless it is re-formed in the way that Christianity went thru with its reformation with sharia law and the violent passages stripped out of it. But even then why do we need people who believe they can’t swim in a pool with what they call infidels or they will become contaminated?!?!?

  6. Catherine

    For reference – Constitution-backed information about islam in the USA. From the amazing Publius Huldah.

  7. Jim Buba

    Nothing a little walk on the wet side won’t cure