Sanctimonious Judas Romney

Posted February 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

First in 2016 he was a never-Trumper, – aligned with Kasich.  Then he groveled and begged to be Trump’s SecState,  – but Trump picked Tillerson.  Then in 2018 he ran for the US Senate in Utah, – and was floundering,  – so he begged for Trump’s endorsement.

But Willard has always been a liberal back-stabbing rat bastard.  Today he explained why he’s voting to impeach.  He invoked the Lord.  You know it’s a lie;  – Willard only worships his reflection in the mirror.

2 Responses to “Sanctimonious Judas Romney”

  1. Catherine

    One of his sons* is involved in the same money-laundering-via-Burisma scam as Biden’s drug-addled boy. OF COURSE he’s going to work against the man trying to clear out the corruption!

    * along with botox nancy’s son, lurch’s stepson, and MANY others.

  2. Jim Buba

    The only thing worse than Willard is Charlie.